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Top chef cooks up a new scheme

AWARD-winning chef Francesco Mazzei is backing a pioneering training scheme that gets disabled people into catering.

Autistic woman wrongly kept in care

AN AUTISTIC woman with severe learning disabilities was wrongly kept in residential care and away from her family for more than a year, a judge has ruled.

Rock star The Edge backs Mencap campaign

U2 ROCK star The Edge is backing Mencap's new campaign to get MPs to wake up to learning disability as an election issue.

Premiership Rugby gets £600K to be more diverse

PREMIERSHIP Rugby has been handed £600,000 to get more women, girls and people from ethnic minorities involved in the sport - and provide better access for disabled fans.

Christian charity blasts Government over disability policies

THE Government's call to businesses to make Britain more disabled friendly has been blasted by the UK's biggest and oldest Christian charity.

Dr Dan Poulter speaks at Blind Veterans UK’s awareness raising event

Dr Daniel Poulter, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, has backed Blind Veterans UK’s No One Alone campaign to reach out to more vision impaired veterans in the UK.

Houses of horror for disabled people

HOMES have become houses of horrors for many thousands of disabled people who find it difficult to get through their own front door or use their own kitchens and bedrooms, says a leading charity.

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