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All Together NOW! is the perfect way to reach your audiences.

Complimenting our online magazine is a FREE multi award-winning tabloid newspaper that has a MAINSTREAM readership of 250,000.

Currently 50,000 copies are distributed every two months – with 90% of copies eagerly picked up at supermarkets, hospitals and health centres.

“We are proud to be one of the charity’s main sponsors. There is no doubting the importance of this excellent publication, and we know from the number of telephone calls we receive that distribution is on the increase and is reaching the right audience.” — Steve Morgan CBE, chairman Steve Morgan

“Of all the material United Utilities puts out into the community, nothing generates as much feedback and response as All Together NOW! It is a great platform that’s helping us to get our messages out, and I would urge anyone who is not familiar with the paper to get hold of a copy now. It’s fantastic!” – Louise Beardmore, Customer Services Director, United Utilities

All Together NOW! is more than just a newspaper. It is the key that opens a thousand doors.” — the late Sir Bert Massie, one of the UK’s leading disability campaigners

“In the ten years we have been conducting surveys nothing comes anywhere near to the standards being set by All Together NOW! – the results are hugely impressive.” – David Murray, The Murray Consultancy

2022 advertising rates:

Full Page – 335 mm x 8 columns (262 mm): full colour  £2,200 (charity £1,250)

Half Page Horizontal – 165 mm x 8 columns (262 mm): full colour  £1,375 (charity £750)

Half Page Vertical –  335 mm x 4 columns (130 mm): full colour  £1,375 (charity £750)

Quarter Page – 165 mm x 4 columns (130mm): full colour  £770 (charity, £400)

FRONT PAGE SOLUS: 40mm X 8 columns (262mm)  full colour £550 (charity £400)

BACK PAGE 335 mm x 262 mm: full colour £2,750 (charity £1,500)

Online magazine:

Banner advertisement from £200 per month

All prices subject to VAT


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