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Specsavers: Rising number of people unable to get to the opticians

Free home eye tests with Specsavers HealthcallWorrying statistics recently released by the RNIB show that increasing numbers of people are neglecting their eyesight. According to RNIB estimates, five million Britons have not visited an optician in over a decade. Perhaps more alarming is the idea that over a third of the population do not understand that a person can be suffering from serious eye problems without them experiencing any real discernible symptoms.

The loss of one’s sight is something that all of us dread. It is hard to imagine how difficult life can become if someone is suddenly robbed of their ability to see – an ability they have so far generally taken for granted. Yet more and more of us are putting off regular trips to the opticians for essential check-ups.

Whilst some of us are under the misapprehension that if our vision remains reasonable we do not need to visit an optician (don’t forget that an eye check acts as a window to a person’s overall health as it can detect none sight-related conditions such as diabetes and hypertension), many others are aware that they do in fact need to go and see an optician, but there are factors preventing them from doing so.

The most common factor that prevents such necessary trips to an optician is the cost involved in simply getting to one. For those with good transport links nearby, it’s not really an issue, particularly those who live within walking distance of their local optical practitioner. But for people with transport difficulties or mobility issues, or who live in rural areas, the costs start to spiral. To see if you are eligible for a FREE home eye test, click
We currently live in penny-pinching times. If you’re not in regular need of the use of a car, then running one just for the odd trip now and again is rarely cost effective. You need insurance and road tax just to allow your car to sit on your drive, and most of us are aware how petrol prices have rocketed over the past few years. Add in the costs of parking, and a simple trip out to your nearest high street becomes significantly less appealing, cash-wise.

Fortunately, high-street opticians have begun to recognise the difficulties that some people have in getting to an optician, and, based upon the same model that has seen major supermarkets delivering groceries to those who don’t want to or who are unable to visit their stores, are becoming mobile. The highly experienced, of 29 years, and renowned opticians, Specsavers, are in the process of launching a franchise-based mobile optical service, specially tailored for those who find it difficult to get out and about. They plan a complete mobile package, including optometrists, dispensers and optical advisers, to be made available to customers for whom a trip to one of Specsavers’ 700 high-street and shopping centre opticians across the UK is something they have difficulty in achieving.

No one’s sight should be taken for granted, and the arrival of a Specsavers mobile optician outside their front door will be for many, a sight for sore eyes.

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