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Do your fingers turn white?

raynaudsMAINIF YOUR hands and fingers sometimes go blue or white and then red and sore, don’t just ignore it and carry on.

All these could be symptoms of Raynaud’s which can affect all ages.

Symptoms occur when small blood vessels in the body’s extremities become over-sensitive to even slight changes in temperature. The blood supply is temporarily disrupted – usually to fingers or toes although ears, nose and other parts can go white, blue and red.

Pain, numbness and tingling are common experiences in an attack, which can be precipitated by exposure to something cold, a slight change in temperature, or even experiencing stress or strong emotion

The condition has a real impact on daily life and can make everyday activities like shopping, using keys, holding cups and getting dressed very difficult.

While there are various ways to help ease the severity of Raynaud’s, including medication to open up the blood vessels, and natural products like ginger, one of the best defences remains keeping warm.

Liz Bevins, head of the Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association, said: “If you suffer from cold hands, please don’t ignore it. Go to your local GP and discuss any concerns you have.”

*A free information pack with leaflets giving tips on keeping warm and coping is available by calling Freephone 0800 917 2494. Email or download the information at

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