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Benefits Awareness Month

ONE OF the Bank Workers Charity’s partners, Turn2Us, has recently launched its annual Benefits Awareness Month (BAM) campaign, which continues until 16 May.

The campaign highlights the availability of welfare benefits and other financial support which can help working people in financial need to maximise their income.

Research by Turn2us found that on average, working households are forced to spend half of their monthly income on utility bills and food. Worryingly, 39% say their outgoings now outweigh their earnings.

We have experienced a number of calls on our own free helpline concerning increased payments towards rent and council tax since last year’s changes, which has had a negative impact on people’s financial situation.

We would encourage you to get in touch with us if you are struggling financially.

We offer a range of support whether you are working or not, including access to Turn2us’s Benefits Calculator on our website, so you can find out what benefits you might be entitled to.

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