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Bank Workers Charity supports Debt Awareness Week

DEBT_mainTHERE are 2.6 million people in the UK who are in severe problem debt – with 8.8 million in moderate financial difficulty.

Dealing with debt can be quite overwhelming especially as January is that time of the year when people realise that they’re struggling to cope with their day-to-day spending.

However, January is also the time for new starts and we will be supporting and raising awareness of our partner, StepChange’s #DebtAwarenessWeek 7-day campaign.

Forecasted to be their busiest time of the year, they will be running a #DebtDay, a 12-hour social media event to inform others of the free debt advice available within the UK.

The 7 days, 7 ways email programme aims to help you to take control of your finances by learning how to manage your debts better and build a clear plan of action for the future.

So what does the 7 days, 7 ways to dealing with debt programme entail?

Follow these easy and simple steps developed by expert debt advisors and make that life-changing difference.

  • Monday – have a look at all your unopened bills and work out who, and what, you owe.
  • Tuesday – pay your priority bills before anything else, these are your household bills which include your rent or mortgage, gas and electric, council tax and water bills.
  • Wednesday – make a list of your day-to-day costs so you can eliminate unnecessary expenditure, working to a budget can make your money work harder for you.
  • Thursday – take positive actions, identify opportunities where you could possibly increase your income e.g. turn your hobby into a business prospect.
  • Friday – get in touch with StepChange today to receive your personalised free debt advice, you can do this online by clicking on Debt Remedy or contact Bank Workers Charity (BWC) for a fast-track referral to StepChange.
  • Saturday – take your tailored advice received via your action plan and start dealing with your debts today.
  • Sunday – stick to your plan, one of the biggest regrets people have is not asking for help sooner. You could be amongst the many people we’ve helped in resolving their debt problems.

Our partnership with StepChange means that when you are referred via BWC, we are able to fast track your application so you’re able to access a range of services and advice including debt management planning and more.


READ about Rachel’s story . . . When her marriage broke down she struggled to cope with her financial problems as a single parent.

Having assessed Rachel’s needs, we were able to provide her with financial support to cover her bankruptcy fee and general living expenses, which helped, improve her overall wellbeing, with a positive future ahead.

Over the 7-day period we will be sharing our resources, which can help you with managing your debt and planning your personal finances along with some top tips on controlling your spending.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let’s raise awareness and support this campaign together.


BWC is entirely independent of banks and all support is provided in total confidence.

For more information, visit our website, or call our helpline on 0800 0234 834.

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