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Happy to help, that’s the 130-year message from the BWC

BWCFOR more than 130 years, the Bank Worker’s Charity has existed to help the families of those who work in banks.

We are proud to continue our legacy of identifying problems, and supporting those within the banking industry, as well as using our expertise to help many more, and have launched a new series of advice guides for 2015.

The charity was originally founded to take care of the children of bank clerks who had become ill or died, and provided the best housing, education and care available.

In 1985, having helped thousands of children, the charity merged with ‘The Bankers Beneficent Society’, a charity that specialised in the care of older and disabled people.

Over the past six years the charity has expanded even more. We have developed partnerships with specialist charities that provide services and support for our beneficiaries in areas such as debt, autism, disability, families, illness and many more.

Simultaneously, a partnership was forged with workplace wellbeing experts Robertson Cooper in order to change the environment within banks, and make them truly happy and productive places to work.

To reflect these changes, the charity rebranded to become the ‘Bank Workers’ Charity’ or ‘BWC’, and our website was re-launched, providing advice and guidance for everybody who needs our support.

In 2014 we helped more people than ever before through our helplines which are dedicated to banking staff and their families, and via our website that provides advice guides for everyone who needs them.

We will continue to adapt and improve our services, and to target the issues that are faced by the banking community and their families, as well as the wider world as a whole. We have ensured that all of our advice guides are fully up to date for 2015, and have created a questionnaire for the users of our website so they can let us know more about who they are and what support they need.

To access our website, and to fill out our questionnaire (which will be shown as a pop-up on the pages you visit) please visit For bank staff and their families who wish to find out more and receive specialist, personal advice from our advisors, please call 0800 0234 834 between 9-5, Monday to Friday.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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