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Unpaid job leave for working carers gets another major step closer

Help on the way for carers . . .                                                                                           IMAGE: SHUTTERSTOCK

THE Carer’s Leave Bill, which could see more than two million working carers get crucial access to one week of unpaid Carer’s Leave, passed Report Stage and Third Reading in the House of Commons.

The landmark Bill will now pass to the House of Lords for its next stages.

Welcoming the news, Carers UK chief executive Helen Walker said the Bill would mean that eligible employees could take Carer’s Leave for planned and foreseen caring commitments for the very first time.

She said: “Passing this Bill will be a really critical step forward for unpaid carers juggling work and care and it would benefit employers as well.

“They will be better able to retain staff, and more carers could see staying in work as a viable option.”

About 200 carers a day are believed to be quitting their jobs because of the stresses and strain of coping at home.

Many working carers have told the charity they are tired, stressed and struggling to manage their own physical and mental health.

Wendy Chamberlain MP for North East Fife, who brought forward her Private Member’s Bill has last June, said: “This is an amazing milestone on the way to giving millions of more people the support they need to stay in work.

“But this is also a starting point: A start for the Bill in the Lords, but also the start of conversations between employers and those who work for them about providing support, the start of campaigning for paid leave, and the start of a process in which we give carers the recognition and value they deserve.

“I look forward to supporting Lord Fox as he takes the Bill through the Lords, and to continuing the fight for a better deal for carers.”

  • Carers UK Helpline: 0808 808 7777.




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