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Energy price cap is nowhere near enough

Keith Butler and son Geordie continue to face problems over energy bills

THE energy price cap fall of an average of £238 will bring little relief to disabled households, says disability charity Sense.

Chief executive Richard Kramer said: “Rising costs have pushed over half of disabled households into debt. For these families, news that the energy price cap has fallen will bring little relief without more robust measures.

“Energy costs remain significantly higher than they were before the pandemic, yet disabled people are still waiting for long-term financial support.

“This year the Government shelved its plans to look into implementing a social energy tariff. We urge the Government to think again and ensure households who need energy for essential equipment like powered wheelchairs are put on an equal playing field.”


KEITH Butler, 72, is a full time carer to his disabled son Geordie, 22.

The family’s income is limited, made up of Keith’s pension and Geordie’s Universal Credit.

The biggest cost they face is energy – Geordie’s additional needs include a feeding pump and an electric bed.

Keith said: “What we really need is a social tariff. I understand it may be complex to resolve, but it can’t be kicked into the long grass anymore. My family and others need it right now.”

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