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What summer has in summer in store for YOU!

ASTROLOGER Russell Grant looks at what the stars have in store for you . . .

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

Obligations are a burden over your head. It’s common to put other people’s needs as an essential priority, but it’s time to get rid of what is creating stress and take care of yourself. If your life has been stressful for several months, take a break, let your hair down and smile again. Friends always ask you for advice on their relationships. It’s time to consider your relationships and life. Be aware of how your body is communicating to you if it seems you and your partner are going in different directions. It’s not an indication your relationship is ending. Take your tips on how to resolve this, and then find an acceptable compromise. A romantic or business partner could manage money differently. Someone may be irresponsible when it comes to shared resources. It may be beneficial to propose three separate accounts that are yours, theirs and a joint account. It’s possible to be insistent on having the sole control of your income, which will keep your hard-earned money from being wasted. Repetition of patterns can leave you wondering if you’re making progress in your life if you feel like you’re living in the same routine as Groundhog Day. It’s time to break from this routine and do this by taking a different working method or simply walking off. In interviews, instead of offering the same answers repeatedly, present something new and different to entice potential employers. If your colleague is using you to advance themselves and you’re exhausted from this, get rid of them and believe that it’s the best thing to do.

JULY: Now is the time to join a group and participate in activities that encourage and motivate you. The time you spend on mundane chores or over-done tasks can only leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated. The time you spend with yourself is not wasted because sometimes you should be by yourself to help you relax from the pressures of your day. A partner who values your feelings can bring about an improvement in your relationships. A bit more discipline than usual is needed in money issues. Spending money on indulgences may feel great when it happens, but when you stop, you will realise that there are better things you can accomplish which are worth saving for. Make sure you prioritise and dedicate your time to challenging tasks that result in the most rewarding results. Remind yourself that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Slow and steady wins the race.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

It doesn’t matter if you need to go back or proceed. Going back will enable you to take a more detailed examination and discover what you didn’t find previously. You must ask questions, and more information will allow you to achieve this goal. Someone you know is sorry for having caused trouble the last time. They’ll be happy to get another chance and you may be amazed by the changes this brings to your relationship. Being more open to conversations is an excellent way to move forward for both of you. An overly possessive friend will let go of the grip they have on them and will admit that they weren’t trying to be this self-centred. The anticipated increase in wages will be delayed. Although it will be a huge surprise, you also know that it will not change. Making a fresh approach to budgetary constraints can earn your praise from your partner and household members. Scale back social plans. Instead of dining at expensive places, invite friends to your home for a delicious dinner. You can still enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money and as you wait for additional cash to come in, you could begin making plans for a trip with your loved ones. You have the chance to try again at something that you have failed before. What can you do if you don’t take another shot? Make this an opportunity to take another go at it and be sure that it was returned to you to help you understand why. The way you tackle this issue is your choice, and so is the direction you follow the next time. The next steps require a lot of imagination and action. You control the movement you travel.

JULY: You may want to increase your knowledge, talents or experience as great opportunities await discovery. Do not delay. Now is the perfect time to take action. Are you currently in a relationship? Be careful about disclosing too much about your past too soon. If you’ve been together with your partner for some time, you’ll know when to talk about a sensitive topic. Beware of making significant decisions on the 23rd based on gossip and hearsay. The gossip that circulates might be deceiving. Assuming new responsibilities or a new job is an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash. Sometimes, life offers changes that seem so thrilling you’ll never be able to resist making the most of them as soon as you get them. As with a rollercoaster, the excitement and thrills are the reason you’ll be able to take advantage of this opportunity to expand your perspective. You’re more than competent to handle a demanding job. It shouldn’t surprise you that you’ve adapted the job in the same way a duck takes to water. It’s only how this opportunity arrives that will take you by surprise.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

You’re ready to start a new direction. Do not let anyone put you down or make you think you’re not enough when you’re drawn to new challenges and possibilities. Be sure to trust your gut. Be true to yourself and tell yourself that dreams are possible and can be realised. Be a slave to your romantic impulses. The exciting plans you and your partner are creating will provide you with something to anticipate. Together, you’ll attain heights you never thought could be achieved. Are you married? Your charm is on the rise. People are drawn to your glow like a moth to a flame, but you’ll struggle to attract admiration from your partner. It’s time to realise your desires. It’s fun to imagine what you will feel after achieving your goals, but it’s better to start making your dreams a reality. Accept any opportunity to make money offered to you. Utilise your talents to make a difference in the world, and it could be the beginning of a successful business. The buds will soon appear when you nurture your ideas. The fruits of your efforts will begin to appear very quickly. You’re an outstanding professional and those at the top are beginning to notice you. Don’t be shocked if you are appointed to some critical department or committee. People will appreciate your enthusiasm and work ethic. Success in material and financial terms puts you in a higher position emotionally. You’re striving to see your dreams come to reality, and by the time the month is over, you’ll be more content with your own life and the direction in which your life is going.

JULY: The month begins at an intersection. A crucial decision needs to be taken and only you can decide the next steps. You’ve come a long way but this is just the beginning. It’s your choice which path to choose. Don’t let anyone affect your decision! Your partner or a friend who has a penchant for routines will attempt to hold you back from moving forward. You’ve let them influence your decisions for far too long and you don’t want to remain in a rut while opportunities pass you by. You’re ready to be spontaneous and do something bold. Your optimistic outlook and drive to improve yourself will bring cash-making opportunities. An extravagant shopping spree is entertaining in July’s early days. However, before you make any important purchases, you should make sure you clear your current debts. It’s not enough to settle down. You want excitement in your life, new experiences and stimulation. Prepare yourself to go on any adventure. It doesn’t matter whether this is a professional or personal venture, as long as it is associated with volunteer work. Doors are opening up to you and nothing can keep you from following your instinct.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

There’s no time to think about the future, make plans precisely or imagine. It’s time to move. Go as the month starts. The goal has been set and the chance to make progress is something that you can’t miss or afford to let slip by. You’re aware of what is to come. You have a clear idea of the outcomes of your current experience and you are confident that you’re heading in the best direction. The support and encouragement of your family and friends keep you sane and resilient. Involving yourself in things that bring you joy can make you eager to get up each day. Are you married? An intimate friendship is likely to grow with people who share your goals. A few financial mismanagements from the past will be resolved on the 18th and you’ll be determined to ensure an incident similar to this one can’t and won’t happen ever again. In addition, an agreement will be reached with your partner or family members to establish an updated and more prudent budget. Repaying debt is essential for long-term financial health and can give you satisfaction. The challenge you take on will stimulate and inspire you. You’ve discovered your passion and proved that you could handle an assignment that will ignite the fire and passion inside. You’re aware of the things that must be done to see results, and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your goals. The happiness you’re having brings joy into your daily life. Your work schedule may expand but you can handle it and prove it to yourself and others this June.

JULY: You can anticipate the future but nothing is guaranteed. It’s a matter of preparing yourself for change. Something you’ve been dreaming about for a while is beginning to take shape and come to fruition. An energy boost is felt when you’re in a committed relationship and it will make you feel excited about what’s on the horizon for you both. Your partner’s love and support can be a huge blessing because they will encourage you to follow your goals. Unexpected cash in the shape of an inheritance or prize could soon be yours. It’s time to enjoy the little things, such as friendships, social interactions and having fun. With all the areas of your life working out well for you, you will feel on top of the world. A vital work project will be completed successfully around the 11th, and it’s something you will be incredibly proud of. Many compliments will be coming your way and there will be more opportunities at the end of this month that will allow you to undertake challenging but rewarding assignments. You’re now feeling confident and fulfilled.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

It seems like an eternity waiting for something to happen but it’ll only take a few days before you experience the excitement and you’ll happily put yourself into everything. You can’t rush romance. There’s a lesson to be learned from everything we do, and learning to be patient and wait for things to take place, teaches you that you can be patient when you have to be. Timing is everything and sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting until the right moment to express your feelings or even propose to your partner. Do you have a relationship but are searching for romance? This is the perfect month to put up an attractive personal profile on a dating site. Financial matters will be under the spotlight from the 10th. By the 20th some modifications may have been made in this area. If you’re investing in a house, be attentive, as a particular purchase could not be the bargain it first appears to be. Cash may appear more accessible at the end of each month than the financial situation you had earlier. There’s excitement in the air. This could become too much if you aren’t careful and manage just one thing at a time. Be careful not to continue running ahead of your peers since they’ll not be able to keep pace with you. Be patient, stay away from unnecessary stress and take advantage of the moments of enjoyment and laughter. These moments can lower stress levels and boost your creative abilities. Focus on the essential things. It’s not a good idea to fill your head with irrelevant thoughts that distract you from your current task.

JULY: Set a goal and adhere to it. Speed and accuracy are crucial when it comes to family and business matters. In addition, you must be capable of sitting, smiling and unwinding from time to time. You believed that you were able to trust somebody but there’s an impression on the 8th that they’re not being completely truthful with you. What you hear raises concerns whether they’re deliberately hiding certain things from you. Before you make allegations, you have to think about whether you’re being honest with someone you care about by simply listening to the rumours. In the area of finances, you’ll need to think cautiously. There are a lot of decisions to be made and it’s likely to be around the 20th that you will make the most crucial one. If you’re considering taking on a substantial financial commitment, you should be sure to consult with an expert. Someone will encourage you to make quicker progress after the 13th. Don’t judge your speed based on other people’s accomplishments. Getting ahead or keeping pace with someone else could result in errors. Cuts and omissions will cost you. Be patient and complete the job correctly as you’ll get there in the end.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

You’ll make it through this month’s challenges. Your confidence will increase when you see how accomplished you are. In addition, a person will be impressed by your ability to handle challenging issues. The family’s disagreements can make you feel down but you shouldn’t surrender to someone who insists on having their own way. Reading, meditation, music and other creative activities can help remove stress, tensions and getting over the frustrations of relationships. Seeing things from a different perspective allows you to be free of anxiety and arguments within the world around you. When you begin looking at things from a spiritual perspective rather than a physical perspective, you might discover that certain things aren’t as bad as they initially appeared. Disputes can erupt about joint finances or inheritance. It is a cause for concern that some people are obsessed with material matters and you’re inclined to leave an unpleasant situation. If you have a legitimate claim to a certain amount of money, get an expert to advocate on your behalf of you. A legal agreement can alleviate some of the burdens. Don’t let your partner make the crucial choices. Making your own decisions about your financial affairs is the best option. Obligations are burdensome. When you begin doubting your abilities and self-confidence to meet your commitments, think about the things you’ve accomplished. The days and hours will appear to fly by and it may seem as if you’ve not accomplished much until you think back over everything as the month comes to an end and realise the number of tasks, both large and small, you’ve been able to accomplish.

JULY: This July’s experiences will be profoundly meaningful, and as you look at the facets of your life from different perspectives, you’ll feel your perception and understanding grow. If your relationship with a loved one isn’t the most exciting, it’s possible to change things up. There might have to be a romantic getaway to give you the chance to connect physically and emotionally. There is the need for a change and new challenges in your life. If this involves going back to school, participating in sporting events or embracing an entirely new religious practice, getting out of the rut will be worth it. Someone you love could be willing to help financially for a brief period. It’s helpful to accept any assistance you are offered. The financial issues will focus after the 11th when you look at ways to help your money go further. You may wonder if your current work situation could be improved. Now is the time to think about what’s next? A colleague from your previous job will urge you to accept important work around the 20th. This is the chance to show your talents. If you do a great job, it could soon result in more lucrative work.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

It’s impossible to change what has been before but you can gain from your experience. Doing nothing but dwell on the smallest of issues can only cause you to feel depressed about yourself. Instead, when there is a problem, focus on the problem and develop a feasible solution. Your relationship isn’t being helped by talking about the “if” and making your partner think about their past mistakes. Your mind is set to be sucked into negative thoughts; however, this only adds stress and strain on your mind and body, not your relationship. Instead, try to find ways to get past the anger and frustrations to see the possibilities of what you could accomplish to improve your relationships and life. Make sure your thoughts and behaviour remain positive, and you’ll be able to change your mindset for the better. You think that other people should work harder and make financial contributions to your home. Let your opinion known when the month starts. It’s essential to let people know that you’re not interested in paying their debts or clearing up their mess. An alternative source of income could be found on the 24th, but it will require you to take on new obligations. Are you genuinely interested in this? There’s more to an offer or chance than meets the eye. You’ll have to make the right choice and make the best decision for yourself moving forward. This is not to let other people influence your preferences as you often do. There are several alternatives to pick from. Be sure to consider all the advantages and disadvantages. If someone tries to force you to make an unwise decision, you’re not ready for, simply walk away. If they don’t comprehend the importance of weighing up issue’s they could have other motives. Making the right choice will provide you with prosperity, security and peace of mind.

JULY: Sometimes, the most difficult tasks are essential for your learning process. Don’t be enticed to cut corners. Get rid of the habit by paying attention to each action now. It’s not necessarily easy to accept forgiveness but the ability to let go of past resentments will allow you to move on without emotional baggage. Talk about a painful experience from the past and take time to let go of any pain you feel. Don’t allow apathy and inconsiderate people to affect your life or future happiness. July is the month that will help you get back in touch with your power. An intense sense of unity will be evident in close relationships when the month closes. Financial disputes can be solved more quickly when you confront them face-to-face. If family relationships are causing tension or financial matters require resolution, get everyone together and discuss the issue. Do you have areas where you’ve tried to cover the gaps with your work? For example, if you’re trying to make an impression on your boss, it could be essential to concentrate more on the details so that every task you complete is done quickly and efficiently.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

Despite the difficult times you’ve been through, there are still plenty of reasons to be happy. Information that you received on the 6th will make you smile. This will inspire you to look past the obstacles and challenges you’ve gone through and keep a positive frame of mind. You don’t intend to give up on anything significant, including your relationships. You and your mate might be going through difficult times, but you’ll do your best to be back on an equal footing. A domestic project you initiated a few months ago requires completion. You’re now ready to move forward and conclude complex jobs. You’re exhausted from keeping track of the pennies. The idea of borrowing money from a friend could strain your relationship. Instead, you’ll have to take an innovative approach to manage your money and develop creative ways to use your money. Things you previously thought were impossible and beyond your reach now appear like it’s a viable possibility. Some may refer to it as “pigs could fly”, but if you persist, you’ll achieve. A stressful circumstance is coming to an ending. This allows you to concentrate on your personal goals. The plans you came up with a while ago is now in action. Making an application for the job of your dreams, moving to another location, or making changes to your life are all options. You will likely play some new role soon in your profession or life generally. Moving into new and exciting experiences will allow you to realise the determination you have to overcome these challenges, which has opened new possibilities for you, which makes the whole experience well worth it.

JULY: A rift is brewing as you are caught among a crowd of people who have opposing goals. Do your best to avoid getting involved in the conflict. Keep your ears and eyes open to be aware of any dispute within your vicinity. Be mindful if you feel that an acquaintance isn’t telling the truth. Be aware of what’s being said about you since whispers are likely to spread and become twisted. Don’t get caught up in negative energy and avoid this by staying away from those notorious for their troublemaking. Instead, choose to be with people you love and cherish who will always leave you feeling happy and at peace. You might need to take more control over your spending. This requires you to think if you require some of your purchases. Be aware when you shop. Write down what you want and stick to the list. It doesn’t have to prevent you from having pleasure. Take care of yourself first. Remember that time spent on yourself and your own needs isn’t wasted.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

Take whatever you want when the month starts to rejuvenate and relax. Prepare yourself for a special dinner, dine at a favourite restaurant or relax in an aromatherapy bath. Sometimes you gain energy from time spent with friends. However, when you’re in a crowd that is not your own, you may be prevented from accessing your secret sources. Simply be yourself. It doesn’t matter with whom you’re with. It’s time to be different and demonstrate to others your capabilities. You might have thought about sharing your story or going online to upload videos. This is the perfect moment to get started. Find activities that connect with your inner child in the middle of June. Are you dating? Participating in activities you’ve never attempted before will expose you to new people. You will have lots of similarities and will have an enjoyable time. If you’re looking for work, ideas to earn money or an opportunity to showcase your creativity, be confident, and you’ll get it. The key to success lies in your charismatic and warm personality. A generous friend or a family member will help you purchase a costly household item at the end of the month. Your personality can bring you into the spotlight. You are different from the rest in a positive manner. If everyone were alike with similar views and interests, it would be a very dull world. It’s acceptable to be different and believe in your abilities. It’s OK to relax and enjoy yourself even when you’re not at work. It shouldn’t be about working. Take advantage of every opportunity to relax or sip some wine and enjoy a night out with your acquaintances.

JULY: The effort of putting issues with your relationships in order is crucial. However, you shouldn’t get so involved that it makes it difficult to stay in touch with the people you love. You might have been so focused on your issues that you’ve not thought about how much someone depends on you. If your partner doesn’t feel like they’re as active or adventurous as you. Figure out methods to work together. Your desires and needs may clash, but if you concentrate on them, you’ll be able to find the middle ground. Family and friends are critical to your life and play a crucial part in your accomplishments. Host an informal get-together as the month starts if you’ve been ignoring those social obligations. There will likely be disagreements between you and a work colleague when the month gets underway. Managing conflicting demands and frustrations can be complicated and stressful. Family life isn’t aligned with your professional life. The plans to kickstart an opportunity could be stalled by issues which bring the project close to a halt. It could be necessary to find someone you’ve never dealt with before to offer the required expertise to make things go without a hitch.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

You’re ready to change your lifestyle to improve your life. You may feel like you suddenly came awake to the desire for something new or different, or you’ve thought about the direction you want to take next. You’re at the edge of unique and beautiful adventures. A person you love will make mistakes but this is the way they learn and change. Even though they might be frustrated by them, let them know that it’s okay to fail. You value the person for who they are and understand that they have strengths and weaknesses, just like you. The environment in your home is one of love and cooperation when you come together to support each other in achieving a mutually beneficial objective. Are you dating? If you’re in a relationship that has the potential to blossom, then it’ll develop organically and you’ll be able to tell from the outset that this is precisely how it should be. It is possible to spend extra cash this month to pay for home repairs. There are many at-home unhappy about the condition of appliances or noisy pipes and dull rooms. Replacing, renovating and redecorating your house will make everyone smile. You’ve sat in the shadows, working on projects dear to your heart. It’s time to make a splash. The new roles you take on are an excellent opportunity to show off your abilities and capabilities. You’ve got passion, determination and the energy to contribute to whatever catches your attention and you’ll never let obstacles or barriers stand in the way. Be confident in yourself and live each day with your head held high.

JULY: A new partnership will be the most challenging. Are you willing to take the risk? If you don’t go with your heart, you’ll wonder whether you should. Don’t believe in what others are telling you, even if they claim that they’ve got your interests in mind. Follow your heart. Follow your instincts. You’re at the edge of a significant life shift. The only thing you need to do is breathe deeply and get going. A few elements of your daily life don’t work for you, and you’re aware that you’ll need to address the issue. Romance can be the cause of some annoyances. Children may be the source of extra expenses when you’re a parent. The possibility of a tense moment could occur in legal proceedings on the 18th when someone mentions an occasion or contract that has not been considered. No matter what the situation, you must stand your ground. If it’s not impossible to achieve your goals. Reminisce about all the things you’ve achieved and all your dreams that you’ve already achieved. Use this to inspire you when you are feeling anxious. The only thing blocking your path is your mind’s doubts. Be confident in your abilities. On the 24th, feelings of uncertainty are evident, which suggests that the facts, not emotions, must guide you. Make sure you are on the right path until the end of the month.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

Things are coming together, but not as fast as you’d hoped. There will be a point on the 17th that you’ll be pondering whether it’s time to call it a day. Don’t give up, and do not hide. If you require assistance, get it. Be confident in your goals. It’s a shame to dismiss them as if they won’t happen. Be convinced that you can achieve your goals through wishes and making plans. Inspire your spouse to talk about their hopes for the future and you may discover new ways to satisfy their most cherished desires. Sincerity and honesty will open the way for a more intimate relationship. Are you not married? Don’t let your friends force you back into dating before you’re at your best. Enjoy your freedom and enjoy yourself. Mid-June is the ideal time to deal with financial issues. One method to stop yourself and your partner from spending your money in a way that isn’t necessary, is to set up a reasonable budget. Give yourself the chance to indulge in the occasional treat but try to purchase products that will provide satisfaction for a long time instead of temporary happiness. Although a goal may appear out of your ability, it isn’t a reason to not pursue it, even if that means taking the help of your friend ‘the addition of new members to an organisation and the vibe shifts. There are discussions about strange ideas and even though they can sometimes seem strange and completely different from you, you’ll be open, which will propel you further. Be persistent and you’ll succeed and change what you believed was unattainable into feasible.

JULY: Your ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable makes you extremely popular. However, be sure that your colleagues and friends don’t start demanding too much of you. Even strangers and friends will often seek out your guidance and assistance. People are impressed by your personality and kindness and you’re a significant influence on your friends. However, this comes at a price. You will receive texts and calls throughout the day and at night. Sometimes all this attention can be exhausting. Removing yourself from the spotlight at the end of the month may not only feel relaxing, as you realised that you must create more time to enjoy yourself. Agreements and events on the 12th will result in new financial start-ups. There’s a chance to see positive improvements in your financial situation. You can benefit from a property deal and you should feel satisfied with formal discussions. A few moments of luxury can boost your mood, and your positive attitude could make you a target for an exciting job.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

If you don’t stand up for yourself, nobody else will. It’s not acceptable for people to continue to push their own illegitimate agenda. Don’t be scared by the threats they make. Something or someone is taking up a lot of your time. If you can deal with it, you won’t have to dedicate any more attention to it. Someone you know has engaged in mind-games with you. Don’t be angry at yourself for letting them fool you into believing an untruth. You felt the information they’ve been providing you with was believable. The decision to end your relationship with them is the most beneficial choice. You and your family will be busy creating new memories. New people are entering your life and your heart is growing. Respect for the people who matter to you will strengthen your mind, heart and soul. You’re beginning to feel the effects of constantly being in the market. Specific arrangements you’ve come up with maybe profitable for some, but they’re not making a profit for you. It’s impossible to run without a source of energy. No matter what, involves others and leave someone else to complete the task. You must slow down, unwind and recharge. You’re an affectionate and sensitive personality, but someone is profiting from it and it’s time to be alert to this. What are they trying to hide? Your boss shouldn’t continue to push you to do something without rewarding your efforts. You only have so much patience before you recognise that you must protect your interests. Make yourself heard, stand on your own and be confident in what is really suitable for you. You should take this step if you want to see improvements.

JULY: Making your own decisions can create a more accessible and healthier path than allowing others to influence your choices and guide you. It’s possible to remind someone of the importance of not worrying about their work and other responsibilities constantly. Are you married? A joint commitment can aid you in forming a solid bond that can become more valuable than gold. You’re trying to be cautious with your money but it’s slipping through your fingers quickly. It’s challenging to keep track of expenditures as you just aren’t in the mood. You’ll be disappointed when you realise that a reckless attitude to money will leave your bank balance in trouble. By spending a few minutes each day giving your account a quick review will ensure that your money is OK. You may find yourself moving to a new job or position on the 21st without being aware of or capable of preparing for this. This scenario’s challenges will expose talents that you didn’t know existed.





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