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Russell Grant looks at what’s in store for YOU this autumn

RUSSELL_GRANTWHAT do the stars have in store for YOU this autumn. RUSSELL GRANT has the answers . . .

ARIES March 21st – April 20th

Today’s New Moon gives you an economic boost, when your partner gets a big rise. Alternatively, you could get a handsome insurance or tax refund. Channel your restless energy into a race or competition during mid-November. The Full Moon on the 25th warns against arguing with relatives and neighbours. There is no way you will change someone’s mind, especially regarding politics, religion, or culture. Agree to disagree and steer clear of controversial subjects. The last thing you need is to get into a tussle with someone you have to see on a regular basis.

TAURUS April 21st – May 21st

The New Moon is ideal for getting engaged or married. Alternatively, you might decide to have a commitment ceremony or enter into a business partnership. Don’t challenge an expert’s authority in late November, or you will make a powerful enemy. The Full Moon on the 25th brings an end to a source of income. This will prove to be a blessing in disguise. You’re tired of working on behalf of an employer you do not respect.

GEMINI May 22nd – June 21st

The New Moon is perfect for adopting a pet. If you’ve been feeling lonely, pay a visit to your local animal shelter. You’ll find a faithful companion that is just perfect for your lifestyle. The second half of the month is perfect for signing contracts, negotiating deals and forming partnerships. Someone will accuse you of being selfish on the 25th, when the Full Moon prompts you to put your needs first. Although you hate turning down requests for help, it’s important to be good to yourself as November turns to December.

CANCER June 22nd – July 23rd

The New Moon is ideal for embarking on a romance, getting engaged, or going on a pleasure trip. The second half of the month is ideal for launching a fitness regime. This is a great time to lose weight, get toned and increase your energy level. The Full Moon on the 25th will make you feel isolated. Resist the urge to become even more introverted. Reach out to friends. If they don’t respond on the first try, call back. You’ll eventually reconnect. Learning advanced computer skills is strongly advised as November turns to December. Concentrate on becoming a hot commodity on the job market.

LEO July 24th – August 23rd

The New Moon is perfect for finding a place to live or redecorating your home. You will be asked to make a public presentation during the second half of the month. Be clear, concise and witty. Nobody likes being subjected to a boring lecture that goes on for an eternity. The Full Moon on the 25th forces you to shift the focus onto a group project. You hate cancelling a fun outing for the sake of this job, but it can’t be helped. The quicker you fulfil this responsibility, the less painful it will be. Be sure to attend a fun party at the end of November.

VIRGO August 24th – September 23rd

The New Moon is perfect for taking a short trip for pleasure. Visit a holiday destination famous for its natural beauty. Be as frugal as possible during the second half of the month, when you’ll incur some heavy expenses. Prepare your own meals instead of buying your lunch. Rent movies instead of seeing them in theatres. If you want to see friends, invite them over for a card game. Do whatever you can to keep costs down. The Full Moon on the 25th finds you facing off with a stuffy authority figure. You won’t be able to get them to bend the rules for you, no matter how hard you try.

LIBRA September 24th – October 23rd

The New Moon attracts a fresh source of income. It appears you’ll be able to make money working from home. This arrangement will make life much easier, giving you more time for the activities you love. It’s important to set strict office hours, or your personal and professional lives will start to blend. The Full Moon on the 25th finds you facing off with an unpleasant authority figure. It’s best to just follow their directions, rather than challenge these orders.

SCORPIO October 24th – November 22nd

The New Moon poses the perfect opportunity. Get a cosmetic procedure, change your hairstyle, or add some attractive fashions to your wardrobe. You could unintentionally offend a neighbour or relative with a thoughtless remark on the 21st. Be sure to offer a sincere apology. The Full Moon on the 25th forces you to abandon a difficult work project. You simply don’t have the time to do justice to this endeavour. Hand it off to an eager colleague.

SAGITTARIUS November 23rd – December 21st

The New Moon poses a perfect opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate. If you need to hire a babysitter, so be it. Secret talks are planned for the 17th. Don’t betray your employer’s trust by sharing the details with colleagues. Taking charge of a group project on the 24th proves a good channel for your restless energy. The Full Moon on the 25th warns against putting pressure on your best friend or romantic partner. A gentle approach will work best. If your loved one decides to take a different path than the one you wanted, be respectful. You can’t win every disagreement.

CAPRICORN December 22nd – January 20th

The New Moon is ideal for launching a fund raising effort. Helping people who don’t even have the bare necessities will give your life a sense of purpose and meaning. An intimate relationship causes lots of emotional confusion during the second half of November. It’s important to acknowledge the difference between sex and love during this difficult time. The Full Moon on the 25th brings a health problem to your attention. You or a loved one may have to visit several medical professionals before pinpointing the issue. Solitary pleasures will prove soothing as November turns to December. Take time out of your busy schedule to read, write, listen to music and enjoy the beauties of nature.

AQUARIUS January 21st – February 19th

The New Moon finds you moving up the career ladder once again, thanks to a position that seems tailor made for you. You might find yourself on shaky ground with a loved one during the second half of November, thanks to differing needs and expectations. The Full Moon on the 25th pushes you to make up or break up. Choose carefully, because you won’t be able to reverse your decision. The final days of November will be spent in the company of sympathetic friends.

PISCES February 20th – March 20th

The New Moon is perfect for taking a trip overseas. Touring an ancient city with someone you love will make your spirit soar. If you can’t afford to travel, be sure to rent a movie or read a book set in an exotic locale. A family argument over money could erupt during the second half of November. Don’t let a pushy relative deprive you of an heirloom or inheritance that was meant for you. The Full Moon on the 25th will prompt you to make a painful decision about a domestic matter. It may be time to break ties with an emotionally abusive relative.



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