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What the Festive stars have in store for you . . .

TOP astrologer RUSSELL GRANT reveals what the Festive stars have in store . . .

ARIES (March 21-April 20)

DECEMBER: Your professional contributions are greatly valued on the 1st. This is a great day to make a proposal or give a presentation. Your best friend or romantic partner is hurt by all the time you spend on career matters. Spend more quality time together. The New Moon on the 12th ignites your restless energy. Don’t embark on an adventure before satisfying commitments in your personal and professional lives. Don’t be insulted if you’re asked to revise a work project on the 13th. A client or law may have changed, forcing these alterations. On the 27th, the Full Moon helps you close a real estate deal that brings financial security. Expanding your home to include a workspace will add value to your investment. Brutal honesty will break someone’s heart on the 28th; be extra diplomatic on this anxious day. Finances expand tremendously starting on the 31st, setting the tone for a prosperous 2024.

JANUARY: An interview on the 11th plays an important part in a promotion. A senior colleague will offer to give you a glowing reference. It will feel good to have your contributions recognised. People will not mind stopping whatever they are doing on the 15th to give you their time. All you have to do is ask for the help, advice or support you are in need of. You could find yourself in a temporary position of leadership on the 25th when the full moon pushes you to actively pursue your ambitions and desires. Play your cards right and this could lead to a permanent post. Ignore an older relative who criticises your tastes on the 27th. Anyone who accuses you of being immature is jealous of you. There is nothing wrong with going with a desire to indulge your sensual side. Besides, you are more able to handle challenges when you’re happy.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

DECEMBER: Don’t ask for special treatment at work on the 3rd, or your colleagues will greatly resent it. Let a loved one treat you like royalty on the 4th; you deserve to be pampered and indulged. You might feel tempted to steer a friendship into romantic waters on the 12th due to a compelling New Moon. Think twice about taking such a risk with a sensitive person who can’t handle rejection. Your best friend or romantic partner grants you a Christmas wish on the 25th, making your heart overflow with love. The good news about a test, application, visa, or licence will arrive on the 27th, courtesy of the Full Moon. As a result, it will be much easier to travel and work. A close relationship makes you more emotionally and financially secure on the 29th. Your warmth, optimism, and generosity rebound on the 31st, helping you begin 2024 on the most positive note possible.

JANUARY: A scent, song or message will fill you with nostalgia on the 1st. A trip down memory lane will be as sweet as it is painful. A loved one will encourage you to put a stored item on display in a special corner of a favourite room. Through no fault of your own, a short trip will be postponed on the 6th. Be ready for a change of plans. The new moon on the 11th will bring an opportunity to travel or study abroad. Experience gained on this journey will serve you well on the career front. Escaping to a tranquil retreat on the 15th will give you a chance to reconnect with your spiritual side. The full moon on the 25th will bring up an issue that puts strain on your family life. Spending time in nature will take the edge off any anxiety.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21)

DECEMBER: Let down your defences with a trusted business or romantic partner on the 1st. More opportunities to express your artistic side will arrive on the 6th; your job will be much more enjoyable as a result. On the 12th, the New Moon attracts an exciting person into your life. Before getting emotionally involved, set some healthy boundaries in your professional life. Check financial statements for mistakes on the 13th; it’s important to protect your interests. After a period of silence, someone special will contact you on the 23rd. You will receive a beautifully sentimental gift at Christmas that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. A big paycheque or bonus will arrive on the 27th, courtesy of the Full Moon. Invest some of this money in something that will improve your physical and emotional health. A profound sense of peace comes over you on the 31st, helping you to start 2024 feeling serene and confident.

JANUARY: Some complicated matters on the 1st will have you pacing back and forth wondering which way things are going to turn. By the 9th information you have been waiting for will arrive and this should put you out of your misery. A commission, legacy or bonus will be awarded to you on the 11th. In business the new moon will prompt you to call in a few favours. A knowledgeable colleague will be able to cut through red tape that has been holding you back. Never underestimate the importance of business and social connections whether you are looking for a new job, new home or creative opportunity. If you are considering relocating you will find a special place with all the modern conveniences on the 19th. You could be dealing with someone who has poor communication skills on the 25th when the full moon requires you to be patient and diplomatic.

CANCER (June 22-July 23)

DECEMBER: An argument about how much time you spend on work could erupt on the 3rd; be more attentive to your best friend or romantic partner. On the 5th, you’ll be inspired to take a trip for pleasure. Travelling to a seaside location will raise your spirits. Resume an abandoned creative project on the 6th; you won’t be sorry. The New Moon on the 12th brings an intriguing job offer, but you’ll ultimately reject it. When your intuition says that something is wrong, you should obey it. Starting on the 22nd, two heads are better than one. Teaming up with your best friend, romantic partner, or business associate will be enriching. On the 27th, the Full Moon finds you stepping down from a prominent position. This gives you a chance to spend more quality time with your favourite person. Invitations pour in on the 31st, prompting you to start 2024 surrounded by the people you adore.

JANUARY: Nothing is going to change if you won’t talk over things you aren’t happy about. The new moon on the 11th encourages you to have a heart to heart discussion. You and a partner need to spend more time together. Remember how happy you used to be. You can rekindle this relationship once you start focusing on each other’s needs. A clear-out on the18th will trigger bittersweet memories as you sort through old photographs, cards and letters that are floating around the house. Draw on this nostalgic energy to start researching your family history. Alternatively, contact an old friend and ask them to lunch. Respect the feelings of others on the 15th even if you feel someone is being deliberately contrary. When you realise what they are going through, your outlook towards them will change. The full moon on the 25th will bring conflicts over finances to an end.

LEO (July 24-August 23)

DECEMBER: Don’t take your family for granted on the 10th, especially if you’ve been spending lots of time at work. Be sure to attend a loved one’s celebration, even if it means abandoning some professional responsibilities. The New Moon on the 12th tempts you to connect with a romantic interest. Don’t rush things in this relationship; it’s important to feel secure emotionally before you have a physical encounter. An impractical relative will create delays for you on the 17th. Stop entrusting this person with important responsibilities; it’s better to perform these jobs by yourself. Your health improves dramatically on the 22nd, allowing you to enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest. A period of seclusion comes to an end on the 27th due to a transformative Full Moon. Prepare for your social calendar to fill quickly. Your professional profile gets a big boost on the 31st, opening the door for an extremely successful 2024.

JANUARY: Whether you are happy with the situation or not, you could end up caught up in the affairs of close friends and family on the 1st. This means you won’t be able to get on with other things you intended to do. People will be grateful when you put your interests aside for their sake. The new moon on the 11th reminds you of the importance of striking a healthy balance between work and family life. A small mistake made on the 19th will give a rival a chance to say I told you so.’ You will be more amused than angry with their reaction as you will probably agree. A powerful full moon on the 25th will help you realise a personal objective. Taking up an offer to get some advanced training will help you move past a challenge you have been struggling with. Resolving a difficulty will be easier than you expected.

VIRGO (August 24-September 23)

DECEMBER: You’ll feel light-hearted and flirtatious on the 1st; use your way with words to win a special person’s heart. A romantic interest who has been shy about expressing their feelings becomes more direct on the 6th; a heartfelt confession is on the way. On the 12th, the New Moon inspires you to relocate. Before looking for another place to live, be clear about what you want from your home. Be as specific as possible. A former love interest reconnects with you on the 13th, making you realise how much progress you have made. Your head and heart become aligned on the 23rd, making you more decisive. The Full Moon on the 27th marks a special occasion for a close friend. Throwing a party in their honour will be a wonderful chance to reunite with kind, loving people. The opportunity to travel, study and communicate widely arrives on the 31st, setting the tone for an adventurous 2024.

JANUARY: You won’t be happy about having your routine disrupted on the 1st but your mood will lift on the 5th when you get to take a trip to a beautiful location. You will also enjoy this chance for a change of scenery. Being surrounded by greenery is therapeutic. Something that is broken can be fixed on the 11th. The new moon supports taking practical measures to ensure problems aren’t repeated. Taking up an artistic hobby on the 19th will have a number of benefits. As well as tapping into your creativity, you will get a lot of pleasure exercising your imagination. That’s why the full moon on the 25th will prompt you to find ways to spend more time alone. You’ve always been diligent, hard-working and conscientious but taking a few days off reminds you there is more to life than going to work and fulfilling responsibilities.

LIBRA (September 24-October 23)

DECEMBER: Communication with family improves on the 1st, thanks to your refusal to sugar-coat a difficult situation. Don’t let a forbidding relative steal your joy on the 3rd; you have every right to indulge in beauty, luxury, and romance. Your moneymaking ability soars on the 4th, allowing you to afford the luxuries you adore. On the 12th, the New Moon attracts an exciting message. Be wary about responding until you’ve checked into the sender’s background. Money for a trip becomes available on the 18th, making you excited about the future. An impulse purchase will be cause for regret on the 21st; keep your money in the bank. The Full Moon on the 27th brings a professional award or bonus; get ready for your close-up. Use your gift with words to build a romantic or financial alliance on the 29th. A passionate encounter on the 31st sets the tone for emotional and financial security in the year ahead.

JANUARY: It will feel wonderful on the 1st to focus on projects that have deep personal meaning for you. You’re tired of being expected to help advance other people’s interests and your New Year’s Resolution will be to break this cycle. Fulfilling your own desires makes you happier, more confident and more aware of your own abilities. Stick with a task that is confusing on the 8th. If instructions are contradictory, ask for clarification. On the 11th, the new moon encourages you to spend more time with friends who share similar interests. It will feel great to connect with other artistic people. A creative project gives you something to look forward to instead of watching TV, playing computer or scrolling around your social media feed. The full moon on the 25th will bring a group project to a successful conclusion. Taking up new pursuits will expand your social circle.

SCORPIO (October 24-November 22)

DECEMBER: Don’t let past romantic disappointments prevent you from approaching a love interest on the 3rd. You’re dealing with a radically different person. Your allure will be stronger than ever on the 4th; take this opportunity to win an attractive person’s heart. The New Moon on the 12th tempts you to join a start-up business, but hold on. It’s better to hold out for a job with a well-established company that has a reputation for treating employees well. Your best friend has wonderful news on the 18th; it’s time to go out and celebrate. On the 27th, the Full Moon helps you graduate to a higher level. Your hard work, study, and sacrifice is paying off; give yourself a handsome reward. Someone special travels to see you on the 29th; this encounter will be both romantic and passionate. A meaningful relationship gains momentum on the 31st, letting you know you’ll never be lonely in 2024.

JANUARY: Your ability to communicate is off the chart on the 1st. People will adjust their own ideas once they hear your suggestions and proposals. The new moon on the 11th makes it a great time to launch a blog or website. You will attract a loyal following very quickly. Opportunities to write, travel and study coming your way will make you excited for 2024. Accept an invitation to preside over a community project on the 23rd. The full moon on the 25th gives you the courage to embark on a new professional path. Changing directions can be beneficial for your long-term future. You are at your happiest when exercising your brain on the 28th and also as the month ends. You possess some impressive talents and abilities. Showing off your skills should be your top priority.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21)

DECEMBER: The 5th is perfect for getting financing for a big purchase, such as launching a business or buying a home. Your intuition about family matters grows sharper on the 6th. Resist the temptation to radically alter your look on the 12th, when the New Moon makes you crave a change. Improving your outlook will be more effective than transforming your appearance. A pessimistic relative will try to discourage your plans on the 17th; turn a deaf ear to their warnings. Your victory is virtually guaranteed. Starting on the 23rd, you’ll be in great demand. Everyone yearns for you to attend their parties and social gatherings, knowing you’ll inject optimism and joy into the mix. A financial windfall arrives on the 27th, courtesy of the Full Moon. Spend some of this money on purchases that make you feel luxurious and decadent. You feel healthy and happy on the 31st, paving the way for a vibrant lifestyle in the New Year.

JANUARY: Family plans will be delayed on the 1st. You want to be in motion but when everything comes to a standstill you can’t hurry things along. A brisk walk will be a healthy outlet for frustration. Coming to terms with a partner’s changing needs makes you more sensitive and understanding. Encourage them to pursue their dreams on the 9th. The new moon on the 11th will get you thinking about launching a business from your home. When it comes to earning money, think about writing articles, publishing a book or contributing to a blog. Sign up to study a mystical subject on the 19th and get thinking about going on a spiritual pilgrimage. A restless full moon on the 25th will push you to visit a place that is off the beaten track. This experience will be moving, motivating and spiritually uplifting.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)

DECEMBER: People are much more receptive to your ideas on the 1st, giving your self-confidence a big boost. Friendship could turn to romance on the 5th; it’s hard to resist the charms of someone who is passionate, sensitive, and artistic. On the 12th, the New Moon tempts you to ignore a troubling situation. If you sense someone is being untruthful, it’s time to confront them. Don’t be afraid to apologise for harsh words or an embarrassing mistake on the 13th; people will admire your willingness to admit you were wrong. Your star power burns brighter than ever on the 22nd; use it to promote your agenda. The Full Moon on the 27th prompts your business or romantic partner to take responsibilities off your plate, allowing you to devote more energy to the activities you love. An ardent admirer gives your confidence a much-needed boost on the 31st; prepare for 2024 to be highly romantic.

JANUARY: You will be easily distracted on the 6th and because of the confusion and frustration it will take a while to get back on track. Getting results will take longer than expected but don’t give up. When you formulate a plan on the 11th the new moon will encourage you to stick with your intentions. Maintain a positive outlook on the 12th and the going will get easier. This is also an ideal time to agree to those travel plans your family are making. By taking a versatile approach on the 23rd and adapting methods as you go along, you will have a transformative experience. Succeeding at something you had expected to fail at will be rewarding on the 25th when the full moon proves how perseverance does get results. When people see what you are capable of, you will get a round of applause.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 19)

DECEMBER: Return to an activity that is both emotionally and financially rewarding on the 6th. You’re living proof that you can make a fortune by doing work that you love. Don’t blurt out a colleague’s secrets on the 10th; it’s important to maintain their trust. The New Moon on the 12th warns against sharing secrets with someone you don’t know very well. It’s important to protect your heart now. Stop assuming all your professional contributions will be rejected on the 21st. The less defensive you are, the more receptive your colleagues will be to your wonderful ideas. Reaching a fitness goal makes the 27th a very happy day; your success can be attributed to both your hard work and a supportive Full Moon. A friend’s harsh opinions cause you to reconsider this relationship on the 28th. The 31st brings great emotional contentment; you’ll have lots of happy times on the home front in 2024.

JANUARY: Happy thoughts of times gone by should be cherished on the 1st but don’t let your fondness for the past deprive you of joy in the present. It’s not like you to wallow in nostalgia. An unusual therapy will bring relief from a nagging health problem on the 10th. Do some research into healing professionals who specialise in cases like your own. The new moon on the 11th will bring an opportunity for you to push forward and enhance your professional reputation. Agree on a better arrangement that enables you to work out of the limelight. A brilliant idea can be advanced by working behind the scenes on the 15th. This chance to escape aggravating distractions will be welcomed. A lucrative business partnership will be agreed on thanks to the full moon on the 25th. Sealing this deal will make you excited for the future.

PISCES (February 20-March 20)

DECEMBER: Opportunities to express your creativity arrive on the 6th, making you excited about the future. On the 12th, the New Moon will deliver a career opportunity that seems more trouble than it is worth. Hold out for a job that affords more creative fulfilment. Don’t let an egomaniac take credit for your ideas on the 17th; defend yourself. Christmas will be especially joyful, thanks to a heartfelt confession from a passionate admirer. It’s possible you’ll get engaged or married. Alternatively, you could enjoy a second honeymoon with your amour. The Full Moon on the 27th marks an exciting turning point in a romantic relationship. It’s possible you will get engaged or married. Alternatively, you could meet the love of your life or embark on a second honeymoon. Spreading a message of cheer will make you a popular figure in 2024; think about launching a vlog or podcast in the New Year.

JANUARY: Listen to your body on the 1st. Late nights, rich food and alcohol are taxing your system. Get treatment if you are struggling with an addiction. Stop swimming against the tide on the 8th and face the facts of a difficult situation. If family life is chaotic, pour your energy into your work. Force yourself to go out and mingle on the 11th. Some wonderful friendships will emerge under a friendly new moon. Rather than leaving things to the last minute on the 15th, get on with tasks as soon as they arise. Don’t wait to be told what to do; take the initiative. An oppressive full moon will make you want to leave your job on the 25th. Before handing in your notice, speak to your manager in person. An offer they make you will be accepted with a grateful heart. An opportunity to work from home temporarily will be the ideal answer.


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