Sunday, May 26, 2024

railcrossingKEEPING deaf people safe is the aim of a new smartphone app launched by Network Rail.

Free to use, the app will help the UK’s one in six deaf people to use level crossings safely.

The Signly Network Rail app is part of a new campaign that aims to support people with a visual, hearing or mobility impairment when crossing a railway line.

Users, who can download it for free on Apple and Google, simply open the app, point their device at the Signly-enabled information and a sign language translator appears.

As well as launching Signly, Network Rail has also produced an accessible user guide.

This offers safety advice and information on audio, visual and tactile cues and also the warnings that are present at some of Britain’s level crossings to help users know when it is safe to cross the tracks.

The user guide is available in large print written English, plus BSL through the Signly Network Rail app, which also provides audio description.

Alternative formats can also be requested via Network Rail.

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