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A walk on the wild side . . . across Iceland!

icelandrnibTHIRTY hardy souls – half of them with visual impairments – faced up to the challenge of a lifetime trekking across the wild Icelandic landscape.

Among them was Fazilet Hadi, from National charity RNIB, who is registered blind and began losing her eyesight aged nine.

The charity’s director of engagement, whose sight deteriorated through her teenage years and beyond, said: “I was expecting the trek to be tough, but it really tested us all, with the whole group tackling river crossings and sharp descents in hailstorms and gale force winds.”

Fazilet took on the challenge alongside chairman Kevin Carey – also registered blind – and fundraising director Wanda Hamilton to support blind and partially sighted people. She added: “My fellow trekkers were wonderful, reaffirming my belief that you can achieve incredible things with the right support.”

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