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TOP astrologer RUSSELL GRANT looks at what’s in store for you this spring …

ARIES (March 21-April 20)

MARCH: The exuberance you feel about a new project on the 1st will be somewhat muted by a friend or colleague’s tendency to criticise. You might prefer to take a background approach to matters that are important to you. Watch what you say in conversations on the 8th and double check what you are writing in reports and sending in emails. Visiting a beautiful area on the 9th will be an emotionally uplifting experience. The New Moon on the 10th makes this a great time to embark on any project aimed at elevating your spiritual awareness. Discussing religious and cultural beliefs with people from different backgrounds will be enlightening on the 20th. Even so, your focus later will be on projects that involve just a handful of people when the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th brings the successful conclusion of a joint enterprise.

APRIL: Returning to a hobby or pastime you enjoyed in your childhood will lift your spirits on the 1st. Happy memories on the 3rd will help sustain you through some tough times. The Solar Eclipse on the 8th will get you questioning your priorities. Your destiny may not lie where you thought it did as you start setting new and more exciting long-term goals. Plans that are forming in your mind will soon become a reality. Your mind will be exceedingly active on the 15th and you will easily take in the facts of all situations. The Full Moon on the 23rd will take you to a place where you used to live or that holds some special memories. You might feel you can read minds on the 29th when people will hardly open their mouths before you know exactly what they are going to say.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

MARCH: You will make a worthwhile contribution to a group project on the 1st. Accomplishing something special as a team will make you want to continue with similar activities in the future. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new vehicle on the 8th, be prepared to visit a number of showrooms before you find the right one for you. Choose a model that is known for its reliability. On the 10th the New Moon will bring a chance for you to volunteer for a charity. Joining a team that helps those who are less fortunate will make you feel better about the human race. If you’re going through the same patterns repeatedly and this is bringing you no satisfaction, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 25th will push you to break out of this rut.

APRIL: The Solar Eclipse on the 8th will be working on you spiritually when adopting a spiritual practice, developing your creative talents or starting on a personal development course are all worthy activities. You understand what a youngster wants on the 11th, why they want it and whether or not it is a good idea. Activities with children and young people on the 19th will bring some fun, amusement and laughter into your life. A colleague will be exceptionally irritating on the 22nd as you have other things to do but they can’t seem to manage without your help. Some unfinished business with a past partner will be brought to your mind under the Full Moon on the 23rd. If you still have grievances with someone, write them a letter then burn it. This will purge painful emotions and allow you to move on.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21)

MARCH: If it feels like people are expecting too much from you on the 3rd, just take one hour at a time. If an hour seems too long, then break it down into minutes. A salesperson will be persuasive on the 8th. Whatever it is they are trying to sell to you, ask for time to consider it. If they imply a deal will not be available when you return, refuse to be manipulated by them. The New Moon on the 10th gently pushes you in new professional directions. It’s no use trying to hurry things along on the 14th. The more haste, the less speed. An older colleague will remind you of the benefits of taking your time. Events on the Lunar Eclipse will take you by surprise. There will be something theatrical about a group situation on the 25th. Friends and workmates will be receptive to new ideas.

APRIL: Confusion is likely on the 3rd when garbled messages and other misunderstandings will leave you scratching your head in bewilderment. The Solar Eclipse on the 8th highlights the value of good friendships. Parties, social gatherings and professional events will all be valuable opportunities for networking over the next six months. Whether you are seeking employment, wanting to break into a new social circle or volunteering for a charity, making new contacts is essential for your aims. An important message will fail to reach you on the 16th or the message you do receive will be incomplete. A youngster will be behaving badly on the 20th. A word of caution will save them from getting into trouble. If you’ve been stuck in the same place for some time, get mobile on the 23rd. The Full Moon prompts you to take physical exercise to release tension that has been building for some time.

CANCER (June 22-July 23)

MARCH: You can make a difference in a conflict on the 2nd by speaking face to face with someone who has a lot of influence. Someone will try to pull off a grand transformation when it is a gradual change that will get a better response. A troubled relative will ask for some help and advice on the 8th. They value your sensitive understanding. The New Moon on the 10th will see you making plans for a family holiday. Travelling to a place you have always dreamed of visiting won’t cost as much as you imagined. This is a destination that will appeal to your spiritual side. You need to find healthy ways to deal with frustrations that occur under the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th. It’s not doing you any good to bottle up your emotions. Music and art are great ways to express your creative side as well as being therapeutic.

APRIL: The Solar Eclipse on the 8th marks this as a momentous time for your career and professional aims. Several important people will offer to support your ambitions. Meetings and interviews that take place now will help you move up the ladder of success. Alternatively, you could get a chance to forge a whole different career path. If a trip or journey can be postponed on the 13th, all well and good as adverse conditions will affect all forms of travel. Routine pressures and unfair demands will be made on you on the 20th. You can’t wait for a chance to spend more time with friends you like most. The month will not be without mix-ups and muddles and the Full Moon on the 23rd will bring a good opportunity to sort out any confused thinking and clear up misunderstandings. More time can be devoted to a favourite hobby or pastime on the 30th.

LEO (July 24-August 23)

MARCH: You will want to take advantage of harmonious relationships in the workplace on the 1st. Devote time to improving communications between colleagues. If there is a subject that has always fascinated you and you want to find out more, the 5th will bring an opportunity for you to pursue this dream. If you are in the market for a new home or there is a piece of property you want to buy, the New Moon on the 10th will bring the possibility of relocating one step closer. Avoid riding roughshod over the wishes of your loved ones on the 14th. You might think you are taking action for their benefit but they might see it very differently. You may have to reschedule a meeting on the 20th to fit in a trip you had not previously planned for. The first draft of an important document will be completed on the 25th as the Lunar Eclipse helps you focus on details.

APRIL: The Solar Eclipse on the 8th makes this a great time to go on, or to start planning a journey. Choose a destination you’ve not yet had the opportunity to visit. If you’re looking for work you will achieve success in the fields of travel, advertising and education. There may be a need to give some attention to problems of family members or in-laws on the 13th. A housemate or workmate will forget to pass on some important information on the 16th or the message they do give you will be incorrect. Projections you make on the 19th will be based more on what you wish to happen than on facts that should be taken into consideration. Attending to family and domestic responsibilities will feel satisfying on the 23rd when the Full Moon prompts you to find ways to make life easier for those you love.

VIRGO (August 24-September 23)

MARCH: You may have to face the fact that holiday plans will have to be delayed on the 13th. This does not mean you won’t ever get the chance you are hoping for to travel, just that you can’t get away right now. The New Moon on the 10th makes you wonder whether you are providing a partner with enough support to sustain your relationship. Tension is in the air on the 14th, too. On days like this avoid starting anything new. Chaotic surroundings will get you down on the 20th. Clearing the clutter from your favourite room will make you less frustrated. What you will want most on the 17th is to build a more secure future for yourself and your family. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th will bring an unusual offer that is likely to boost your income. The long term security a new career opportunity can bring will be what influences your final decision.

APRIL: The Solar Eclipse on the 8th will bring legal and property matters to your attention. The next six months will be significant in helping you secure your financial position. Group and club events will be fun on the 11th but avoid any strenuous exertions as your energy reserves aren’t as high as you think. Trips and outings shared with close friends and loved ones will be enjoyable on the 15th. You might also be happy to help organise some form of recreational activity. Leave nothing to chance on the 20th. Rely on logic to lead you through a tense situation. The Full Moon on the 23rd urges you towards taking action on matters that are important to you. You won’t rest until you have sent off emails, made phone calls and written letters with the intention of getting things moving. Some people feel exhausted just watching you.

LIBRA (September 24-October 23)

MARCH: Don’t set out to do anything important on the 3rd. Information you need will not be readily available. Just do what needs to be done and take some time off, even, for a rest. Something strange that happens on the 8th will take you by surprise. It won’t take long for you to work out that you are pleased about this too. A pilot project will go well and the New Moon on the 10th will take it to the next stage. Despite its earlier success, you should continue to handle this carefully. Make time in your schedule on the 18th to visit a friend or neighbour who has been feeling a little down. You will want to have a say in everything on the 21st and to take charge of projects that have been problematic. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th will bring a chance for you to put lessons of life to their best use.

APRIL: The Solar Eclipse on the 8th encourages you to follow your instincts if you’re keen on pursuing a new partnership. In business and romance, having supportive people alongside you makes you even more determined to reach a cherished goal. Study the details and small print of contracts carefully on the be 10th before signing anything. Be sure you are fully acquainted with all the facts. Your love life will hit a high note on the 19th. A romantic outing will take you to a place you have never been to before. You will have some great ideas for making money on the 23rd. The Full Moon suggests you should keep these to yourself as no one else seems to understand what you are on about. It will be essential that you keep both feet planted firmly on the ground on the 30th especially where financial and business activities are concerned.

SCORPIO (October 24-November 22)

MARCH: Choose activities that engage your imagination on the 1st. If you are looking for a job, explore positions relating to education, publishing and travel. Your energy will be directed to your home on the 9th when you might decide a declutter is a good idea. The New Moon on the 10th is great for indulging your passions. Romance, a special interest or creative project are all possibilities now. Your attention will be fully engaged in expressing your creativity. If you have always wanted to be published, approach an agent on the 12th. Very soon, you will see your name in print. Be supportive of a partner’s dreams on the 14th even if they sound a little peculiar to you. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th reminds you that it will take discipline and effort if you are to reach a personal goal. Keep going until you finish what has already begun.

APRIL: The Solar Eclipse on the 8th makes this a good time to start a diet. Include lean protein, raw vegetables and fresh fruit in your diet to boost your energy level. Worries that keep you awake at night on the 13th will be as a result of your overactive imagination. Moderation is the key to success on the 15th. If arguments occur, look for a workable compromise. Discrete negotiations will go well on the 20th. You can employ stealth and circumspection to excellent effect now. The Full Moon on the 23rd opens your spiritual senses. Some strange experiences will get you thinking when these can only be described as mystical and psychic. With you feeling more determined, it won’t take a lot of effort to finish work ahead of schedule on the 26th. Getting involved in a fund raising project or helping with a local event will bring you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction on the 30th.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21)

MARCH: The New Moon on the 10th marks this as a great time to start on a home improvement project. Whether you’re planning a kitchen revamp or adding an extra room to your home, very soon, builders, plumbers and electricians will be making their way to your door. You admire frankness and honesty in others. Even so, a little tact on the 14th can help avoid upsets. A sensitive friend needs to feel supported and understood. Being able to enjoy a new and very different situation on the 20th will make for a refreshing change. You will be invited to organise a small party or celebration on the 25th when the Lunar Eclipse brings an important project to a conclusion. You will welcome the chance to spend more time with your family on the 28th. Someone close will be making a dramatic announcement.

APRIL: The Solar Eclipse on the 8th reminds you of the importance to relax and have fun. If you have been thinking about taking up a new hobby this is the time to do so. It will not matter if mistakes are made. Allow yourself to be a beginner and enjoy developing new skills and experimenting with ideas that stimulate your imagination. Let other people know what is on your mind on the 11th. It would be foolish to accept an offer made by someone you don’t really trust on the 13th. Meet up with a professional contact in an informal setting to discuss a workplace intrigue. The 19th will be a good day to purchase items for your home. Better still if you can do this with a housemate so you can choose things together. The Full Moon on the 23rd makes it hard for you to concentrate so take care when driving and using machinery.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)

MARCH: If you’re dragging your feet on the 9th it is in the hope that a housemate or workmate will complete a difficult job for you. Reach out to an ultra-practical friend for guidance. Despite all the practicalities and problems you are facing, you will still feel excited about a project that’s launched on the 10th. The New Moon warns that it will take time and effort to get this off the ground but it will be worth it in the end. Push negative thoughts away on the 14th or these will have an impact on your performance. An optimistic friend will help you find the silver lining to this particular cloud. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th could bring you a raise or promotion. The end of the month is a great time to make a fresh start.

APRIL: The Solar Eclipse on the 8th will find you taking a deeper interest in your family history. Projects and research conducted now will revolve around your home and family, your childhood and the past. A family heirloom will have an interesting history and talks with an older relative will reveal that one of your ancestors shared a similar gift or passion of yours. Running an errand could lead to unforeseen circumstances on the 11th. You might prefer to stay in one spot. A youngster’s rebellious behaviour will get them into trouble on the 21st. You always knew this was going to happen but this won’t make it any easier to deal with the situation. It will be hard to have patience with other people on the 23rd when the Full Moon puts your nerves on edge. Turn to activities you love to soothe your soul.

AQUARIUS (January 21-February 19)

MARCH: On the 1st, the only way to find out whether a tip you are given has any substance will be to do a little research of your own. It won’t take a lot of effort to make a loved one happy on the 8th. Give a youngster in the family who is feeling neglected a little extra time and attention. The New Moon on the 10th makes this a good time to buy items like a new laptop, vehicle or television. If you stumble across a sale on electronics or technical equipment, be sure to snap up a bargain. Keep plans you are formulating in your mind on the 17th a secret. Someone will want to know what you are thinking. Keep them guessing. The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th will bring a chance to travel or study. At times, you won’t believe your luck.

APRIL: Emails and voicemails on the 8th will hold some important information. The Solar Eclipse increases the need to be direct and precise in all communications, both in the workplace and in the home. Although messages received will be erratic at times, it is the way you handle discussions, meetings and interviews that will determine your fate. Mistakes of the past will be discovered on the 21st. Someone in authority will want this investigated immediately. If you are innocent of it all, don’t get too anxious. Your mood will be escapist under a rebellious Full Moon on the 23rd. That’s why you won’t want to have anything to do with relatives or colleagues who keep reminding you of your chores and duties. If you’re being careful with your cash on the 29th, you might find ways to recycle items you have used before.

PISCES (February 20-March 20)

MARCH: Some ideas you have to make some changes should be put into action on the 9th and these will quickly take on solid form. There is great potential in blending common sense with creativity. The New Moon on the 10th will push you to make a start on plans you have been thinking about since the year began. The only way your partner is going to understand how you feel about matters that concern the both of you is for you to have a heart to heart discussion. Talks on the 14th will bring increased harmony in the family. Tough conditions need to be endured under the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the 25th. These types of experiences strengthen your personality. If you’ve been heavily involved in the day to day running of a charity, you will be ready to hand over the reins on the 28th. It is time for someone else to take on the responsibility.

APRIL: A little extra money will come your way thanks to the Solar Eclipse on the 8th. Since no-one can be absolutely confident about their income these days, it would be sensible to put this in a savings account. That way, you won’t feel so tempted to spend it. Be sure your mobile is charged on the 11th. Someone will be trying to contact you with an urgent message. Alternatively some good news will require an instant response. It will seem like a good idea to take some time off work to complete jobs about the house on the 14th. If you’re worried about a younger relative, try to talk this out with someone you trust on the 20th. Life may become difficult for a while under the Full Moon on the 23rd. Over the next few days you might expect a number of delays and frustrations.




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