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What the winter stars have in store for you

TOP astrologer Russell Grant looks at what the winter stars have in store for you . . .

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

A stern boss undermines your enjoyment of a work project on the 6th, causing you to reconsider whether you still want to work together. The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th brings an end to a steady income source, inviting you to strategise about attracting other money-making opportunities. Professional talks go nowhere on the 9th; postpone meaningful work conversations for another day. The 10th invites you to put your troubles aside and enjoy some rest and relaxation in a private hideaway. A passionate romance heats up on the 14th, making you excited about the future. Beware of blurting out painful secrets on the 19th.

DECEMBER: Career talks, work presentations, and job interviews go exceptionally well, starting on the 6th. The Full Moon on the 7th brings thrilling news about a travel or learning opportunity; reserve your place as soon as possible, as slots will fill quickly. Mixing business and pleasure becomes a trend beginning on the 9th; if you’re looking for love, you could find it at a professional conference or work party. An incredible money-making opportunity arrives on the 17th, making you excited about the future. Commanding the spotlight becomes second nature on the 20th; get ready for your close-up. Don’t overestimate your importance at work on the 21st.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

Erratic behaviour creates havoc in a close relationship on the 5th; don’t make any rash decisions without talking to your best friend, romantic partner, or business colleague. The tension between your personal and professional lives on the 6th prompts you to work smarter, not harder. On the 8th, the Lunar Eclipse warns against making any significant changes to your appearance; turn a deaf ear to a loved one who urges you to undergo a cosmetic procedure, adopt a new look, or alter your hairstyle. Starting on the 14th, you’ll attract greater financial abundance and more affection. Accept a friend’s generous gesture on the 16th.

DECEMBER: It will be hard to resist the charm of a work colleague on the 1st; keep this flirtation under wraps. Steering a friendship into romantic waters will be cause for regret on the 3rd. On the 7th, the Full Moon delivers a handsome paycheque, allowing you to book an adventurous trip. Starting on the 9th, you can devote more time and energy to your favourite people and hobbies. Your boss highly praises you on the 12th; let their compliments sink into your soul. Your unique abilities attract an opportunity to teach, write, or lecture on the 17th. Beginning on the 20th, you’ll devote more energy to solitary pursuits that lift your spirits.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

Don’t take a boss’s criticism about your work to heart on the 5th; it’s simply the product of jealousy. On the 8th, the Lunar Eclipse marks the end of a period of isolation that makes you self-conscious; prepare for a happier, healthier future. Don’t obsess over a disapproving expert on the 9th; have the courage of your convictions as a world-class thinker. A fabulous job opportunity becomes available on the 10th; embrace it with open arms. Your career prospects get even better on the 14th, causing your confidence to soar. On the 17th, you’ll be invited to focus more fully on an important business or romantic partnership.

DECEMBER: Devoting all your time and attention to work will undermine a close relationship on the 1st. Starting on the 3rd, it will be easier to showcase your creative work. Resist the temptation to mix your personal and professional lives on the 5th; it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Discussing private matters with a sympathetic friend is more straightforward than expected on the 6th. The Full Moon on the 7th prompts you to change your appearance in a bold way; seek to satisfy yourself instead of your romantic partner or lover. A secret admirer will come out of the shadows on the 17th. Your social circle begins growing on the 20th.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th sends shock waves through your social circle; it’s time to distance yourself from people whose values clash with your own. The 10th is a great time to venture out of your nook and meet someone special or book a luxurious trip with the one you love. A caring business or romantic partner comes to your rescue on the 12th; accept their help with an open and grateful heart. On the 14th, you have a lovely opportunity to study a subject that feeds your soul; sign up for a course before all the places are filled. The 19th warns against second-guessing yourself when talking to an expert; your instincts are right on target.

DECEMBER: A dream involving travel, study, or both bolts forward on the 3rd; prepare accordingly. Discussions with your best friend or romantic partner improve starting on the 6th. The Full Moon on the 7th beckons you to get some peace and quiet; it’s an excellent time to take a vacation. Your powers of attraction soar beginning on the 9th; use them to your advantage. If you’re single, let a friend set you up on a blind date for the 17th; you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Your career prospects grow by leaps and bounds beginning on the 20th; set your sights on a lofty professional goal. Striking a healthy balance between work and life will be challenging on the 21st.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

The 5th isn’t a good time to make drastic decisions about relocating for work. The tension between your family and personal life erupts on the 6th; it’s important to protect your right to love who and what you want. On the 8th, the Lunar Eclipse brings an end to a nerve-wracking career matter; you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your wounded heart begins to heal on the 10th when you let go of limited thinking about love and money. Getting financing for a dream home is a strong possibility on the 14th; put a down payment on property that makes your heart sing. Accepting additional responsibilities at work on the 18th puts you in a power position.

DECEMBER: A business or romantic relationship gives you the necessary security to launch a bold creative project. It becomes easier to let down your defences with the object of your affection on the 3rd. Sending out job applications, going on interviews, or expanding your work skills is possibly starting on the 6th. On the 7th, the Full Moon urges you to attend a casual social gathering; this will be a refreshing change of pace. Your playful attitude attracts the interest of an accomplished admirer on the 12th; this could be the beginning of a lasting friendship. Don’t lend or borrow money on the 14th; it’s a recipe for disaster.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

On the 8th, the Lunar Eclipse marks the end to a painful legal situation that drained your energy; rejoice in the knowledge you have been set free from this struggle. Be compassionate with a business that experiences staffing shortages on the 9th; kind words yield surprising rewards. Your best friend or romantic partner gives you positive reinforcement on the 10th; let their loving words sink into your soul. An engagement or marriage is strongly preferred on the 14th, when you’ll be fully aligned with your romantic partner; if you’re single, you will meet someone special at a cultural event. The 16th is fantastic for signing a contract or entering a business deal.

DECEMBER: Don’t impose your family’s values on your inner circle on the 1st. The fairy tale quality of a passionate relationship returns on the 3rd; it’s a great time to head off to a secluded hideaway with the one you love. Beginning on the 6th, you could find a steady job. On the 7th, the Full Moon marks a professional turning point that gives you a lot more power. Going on an impromptu trip is probable on the 17th; be ready to pack your bags at a moment’s notice. Starting on the 20th, unearned sources of income pour into your bank account, allowing you to enjoy the finer things in life.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

Resist the temptation to indulge in retail therapy on the 5th; the comfort you seek comes from spiritual pursuits. Don’t let a gloomy romance rain on your parade on the 6th; you don’t need anyone’s permission to be happy. The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th marks the conclusion of a turbulent business or romantic relationship; embrace your freedom. A fantastic job opportunity arrives on the 10th, allowing you to earn money from your considerable artistic talent. The results of a health regimen pay off handsomely on the 14th; give yourself a nice reward for your hard work. Don’t let a loud-mouthed expert undermine your enthusiasm for a creative project on the 19th.

DECEMBER: A love offering arrives on the 1st, making you glow with happiness. Overindulging in food and drink results in cloudy thinking on the 3rd; practice moderation. The Full Moon on the 7th helps you pass a test with flying colours; the impressive results lead to impressive opportunities. Starting on the 9th, you’ll spend more time at home with your nearest and dearest. Two heads are better than one starting on the 20th; keep your eyes open for a bold business or romantic partner. The 21st is perfect for romantic confessions and surprise gifts. On the 23rd, the New Moon warns against saying something in anger to an annoying relative.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

Don’t let an erratic person in your inner circle break your stride on the 5th; stay on the path that makes you happiest. A stern relative doesn’t approve of your passionate ways on the 6th, but that’s their problem. On the 8th, the Lunar Eclipse puts an end to a painful relationship dynamic, allowing you to come into your personal power. An exciting flirtation makes the 10th lifts your spirits, breaking an unlucky streak in love. The 14th is ideal for showing off your creative talent to an appreciative audience. Positive feedback from an influential person gives you the courage to make a bold move on the 18th. Taking an emotional or financial risk pays off handsomely on the 19th.

DECEMBER: Money for furnishings, artwork, and other household supplies becomes available on the 1st; have fun spending it. Beginning on the 3rd, your love life assumes a fairy tale quality. The Full Moon on the 7th attracts an unexpected financial windfall; put a good chunk of it into savings. Make a list of home repairs on the 12th; it’s a good time to tackle these jobs. A secret admirer admits their feelings on the 17th, making you flush with pleasure. Starting on the 20th, you have an opportunity to improve your health and overcome nagging aches and pains; embark on a new diet and exercise programme.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

On the 8th, the Lunar Eclipse throws a tedious job out of your orbit; set your sights on a career path that allows a lot more adventure. The 10th allows you to withdraw from public life to recharge your batteries. Home is where the heart is on the 12th; invite your nearest and dearest over for a movie marathon. Starting on the 14th, you’ll attract admiring glances wherever you go; use your charisma to promote your personal and professional agendas. Your popularity soars on the 17th, when your social media posts get enthusiastic receptions. Financial support from a hidden benefactor gives you a spiritual boost on the 20th.

DECEMBER: You can’t satisfy a relative’s demands on the 1st, so you may as well focus on a course of study instead. Beginning on the 3rd, your home life becomes much more pleasant. Stop giving away valuable time and resources to unworthy people on the 5th. The Full Moon on the 7th finds an ardent admirer coming your way; you’ll admire their confidence. Try not to get carried away by emotion on the 9th, especially where your home life is concerned. Beginning on the 20th, your love life crackles with excitement; prepare to embark on a grand adventure with the one you love. A surprising job offer arrives on the 21st, filling you with hope.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

Financial limitations cause problems with a friend on the 6th; don’t assume they can afford an expensive outing. The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th brings a period of rest and relaxation to a close; it’s time to jump back into the social pool. The 9th warns against entering salary negotiations; it’s best to postpone these talks until the second half of November. Arguments with friends could erupt on the 10th about differing values; prepare for some difficult conversations. Your leadership skills will be welcomed by a powerful group on the 12th. Starting a job search on the 17th will be fruitful; it’s a great time to send out applications and resumes.

DECEMBER: A steady source of income becomes available on the 1st; you’ll enjoy working without the interference of a micromanager. Your expertise is in demand on the 6th. On the 7th, the Full Moon marks a turning point in a health regimen; increased physical activity gives you an attractive glow. Your powers of attraction soar on the 9th; you won’t have any trouble finding love on this magical day. A hidden benefactor recommends you for a great job on the 12th; your kind deeds of the past are paying off. An unexpected flirtation fills you with excitement on the 17th. If you’re looking for a new place to live, begin your search on the 20th.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

Don’t let an emotional upheaval affect your public image on the 5th; wait a full day before responding to upsetting posts on social media. Shaming someone on the 6th will be a waste of time; send them love and compassion instead. The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th prompts you to change your approach to a provocative relative; it may be time to cut off this relationship. Be open to a colleague’s bold ideas on the 9th, even if they seem impractical. Accept an boss’s invitation to venture out of your comfort zone on the 10th. A lucrative job will be offered to you on the 14th; go out and celebrate with friends.

DECEMBER: Express admiration for a friend’s artistic talent on the 1st; they’ll be highly gratified by your praise. Your money-making instincts become very powerful starting on the 3rd; use them to find a rewarding creative assignment. Starting on the 6th, you’d be wise to keep your thoughts private, especially those concerning business. The Full Moon on the 7th is perfect for getting engaged or married; if you’re looking for love, you could find it at a library, book shop, or stationery store. Your accomplishments make you the natural leader of a big group; everyone appreciates your air of cool confidence.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

On the 8th, the Lunar Eclipse will send a disruptive message about a travel or learning opportunity; be as flexible as possible when rescheduling. The 10th is ideal for showing off your creative abilities, preferably to experts who really appreciate your talent. Signing a contract or contacting a prospective client is possible on the 12th. Your allure turns heads on the 14th, putting you on the path to an exciting adventure. Starting on the 21st, you will benefit from updating your online professional and social profiles. The New Moon on the 23rd attracts a fantastic career opportunity that allows you a greater measure of independence.

DECEMBER: A hypercritical boss undermines your enthusiasm for work on the 1st; keep your distance from this grim figure. Starting on the 3rd, our innate glamour and mystery are evident to everyone; use them to promote your agenda. A job interview or work presentation will be disastrous on the 5th; postpone any big professional matters for later in the month. The Full Moon on the 7th prompts you to relocate; moving to a livelier area is highly possible. Your boss is threatened by your allure on the 9th; try not to draw attention to yourself in a public setting. Be realistic about your professional ambitions on the 14th.






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