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What do the stars have in store for you?

TOP astrologer RUSSELL GRANT looks at what the stars have in store for you.

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

Monday’s Solar Eclipse will inspire you to begin a creative project. Putting an inventive spin on a traditional form will open up a fresh set of options that have gone unnoticed before now. Your boss will ask you to go on an important trip during the second half of the month; you’ll be able to combine business with pleasure on this journey. The closing days of the month are ideal for signing a contract. This legal agreement will pave the way for long term financial security.

At the beginning of September, you’ll fall under the spell of an attractive newcomer. If you want to win their heart, be sure to stand out from the crowd. Your unique sensibilities and unusual ways will make an instant impression. On the 6th, the Full Moon will cause you to slow down and smell the flowers. This is a great time to visit a retreat and enjoy solitary activities. During the middle of the month, your work responsibilities will change dramatically. It’s possible you’ll be trained to take over for an important new role. The New Moon on the 20th will bring your attention to a nagging ache or pain. Go for a medical consultation as soon as possible. Treating this condition in the early stages will bring about a swift recovery. Be accommodating to a conventional friend at the end of the month. Forcing them to adapt to your methods will only make them unhappy.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

Moving to a glamorous city or doing some radical home improvements are all possibilities. The more time you spend on domestic pursuits, the happier you will be during the second half of August. As September approaches, you’ll launch a health regime that will soon bring impressive results. Take this opportunity to overhaul your diet and exercise routines. Getting more time to be alone with your thoughts will also be therapeutic.

A home improvement job will keep your spirits high at the beginning of September. You’ll find all sorts of innovative ways to make your living space more comfortable and efficient. The Full Moon on the 6th will prompt you to attend a gathering or get together, perhaps against the wishes of your romantic partner. It’s important to maintain ties with people who have loved and supported you for years. The sooner your amour understands what an important priority this is, the better. If you’ve been longing to buy a home, a relative could give you the money for a down payment toward the middle of the month. Be sure to express your appreciation. On the 20th, the New Moon will tempt you to take a gamble. Instead of risking your money or emotions, play it safe. Otherwise, you could be heading for a bitter disappointment. A job you never expected to end will do just that as October approaches; be prepared.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

Good news is on the way. You’ll be able to move forward with a project you’ve been contemplating for months. During the second half of the month, you’ll be working closely with a close friend, romantic partner or business associate. You’ll generate the ideas while your other half implements them. Two heads are definitely better than one as August turns to September.

You’ll get terrific feedback at the start of September. It feels wonderful to be appreciated by your friends and colleagues. The Full Moon on the 6th will bring a career matter to a successful conclusion. You won’t be sure which direction to take after this door closes. Instead of pressuring yourself to take on more responsibility, enjoy your freedom. Your business or romantic partner will express anxiety over your relaxed attitude. Don’t let their panic infect your calm. On the 20th, the New Moon may prompt you to look for another living situation. Explore neighbourhoods that appeal to your desire for community. You’re not suited to live in a place where people rarely meet and pass the time of day. The second half of the month will prompt you to decide whether it’s time to break off an intense relationship. You may decide to opt for freedom over companionship. Your spirits will soar with the approach of November, which seems alive with possibilities.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

A moneymaking opportunity is on the cards. Working in a technical field should prove profitable. Flattery won’t get you anywhere with an authority figure at the end of the month. If you want to earn your boss’s respect, it will be through hard work, perseverance and innovation. Put your best foot forward and put your shoulder to the wheel.

You’ll be offered a unique opportunity to take a new creative direction. Your attentive approach will bring out the best in the entire team. On the 6th, the Full Moon will prompt you to break out of a stifling routine and further your education. Take this opportunity to explore the potential of new ideas and technologies Spending time with family will be rewarding at the middle of September. Don’t be surprised if a relative gives you a generous gift. The New Moon on the 20th may bring some upsetting news about a work situation. Take the precaution of looking for employment elsewhere. Your boss will experience a great deal of pressure toward the end of September. Stay out of their way and weigh up your own options. Your first loyalty is to yourself and your family. Fortunately, your best friend or romantic partner will give you lots of moral support during this trying time. Lean on them when your courage falters.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

You’ll have an opportunity to step into a new role. There may be quite a bit of overseas travel involved with this situation. Getting paid to visit exotic countries on an expense account will be the answer to a prayer. The second half of the August invites you to polish your creative talent to a diamond brilliance. Working with a seasoned expert will open your eyes to fresh possibilities. Be willing to break bad habits for the sake of improving your technique and ultimately, your results.

You’ll be fairly and squarely in the spotlight at the beginning of September, which is just the way you like it. Accept an opportunity to go on an exciting trip. The Full Moon on the 6th is perfect for a romantic getaway. Enjoy an intimate outing with your amour. Are you single? You could meet someone special at a play, concert or movie. You’ll feel a financial pinch in the middle of the month. This is not a good time to indulge your love of luxury. By the 20th, the New Moon will prompt you to accept an unpleasant job. You won’t be given any creative freedom with this task. Instead of making your own contributions, follow instructions to the letter. You’ll save yourself a great deal of heartache this way. Although your knowledge and skills are superior to your employer, they won’t be appreciated. Don’t feel pressurised into putting your name on this work if it embarrasses you.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

You are in a position that gives you a very welcome opportunity to spend more time on solitary pursuits. Devoting your energy to artwork, animals and nature will be rewarding. You also might get deeply involved in a charitable organisation. Use your considerable communication skills to raise money for a good cause. Serious family responsibilities will demand your attention as August turns to September. Take this opportunity to create financial security for your nearest and dearest.

You’ll receive a surprising windfall at the beginning of September. Use this money to upgrade your car, computer or phone. On the 6th, the Full Moon will prompt you to take a break from work and enjoy a romantic interlude. This is a great time to go on a minibreak with your loving partner or post a profile on a dating website. Clashes with a conventional family member will occur at the middle of the month. Instead of seeking this relative’s approval, continue obeying your instincts. You’ll never see eye to eye with those who can’t see further than the end of their noses. The second half of the month will be perfect for developing a creative project. Someone who admires your work will ask you for a date. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Resist the temptation to push a friend into an important decision as October approaches. Give your opinion, but know that strong arm tactics will only cause resentment.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

An exciting social event will raise your profile. Wear something distinctive to this occasion; you’ll attract admiring glances wherever you go. Make plans to go on a glamorous trip at the end of August; you’ll find some terrific deals on plane tickets and hotel rooms.

The start of September finds you forming a powerful alliance. Your partner has tremendous artistic talent; you’ll create some impressive work together. The Full Moon on the 6th will bring a rewarding job assignment. You’ll not only enjoy the project, but appreciate your employer as well. Your warmth and generosity will attract an exciting educational opportunity toward the middle of the month. Taking a challenging course of study will give you the intellectual stimulation you crave. On the 20th, the New Moon will force you to step out of the spotlight. Working behind the scenes will dampen your spirits, but it can’t be helped. Treat this situation as a chance to prove your ability as a team player. As the month draws to a close, you’ll be forced to deal with a loved one’s erratic behaviour. Don’t be afraid to issue an ultimatum. You deserve to be treated with respect. Anyone who thinks you’re a pushover is in for a rude awakening.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

A new opportunity is about to come your way. Accept a job that will keep you on your toes. You’ll welcome a chance to break out of a boring work routine. Although the salary won’t be terribly impressive at first, it will increase over time. There is plenty of opportunity for growth with this company, as long as you’re willing to work hard.

You can reach new career heights at the start of September. Thanks to your willingness to pitch in wherever needed, you’ll earn a big promotion. On the 6th, the Full Moon will tempt you to take a relaxing vacation. Heading off to a beautiful location by the sea will renew your zest for life. If you’re single, you’ll meet an attentive admirer on this trip. Are you already in a relationship? You’ll feel like you’re on a second honeymoon with your amour. The middle of the month warns against being too lax with your hard earned cash. Invest in something that boosts your professional reputation, but stay away from expensive luxury goods. The New Moon on the 20th will mark some upsetting changes to your social circle. A long standing friendship could fall apart at the seams. Instead of clinging to the past, keep your eyes trained on the future. You’ll make a splash on social media as November approaches.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

You could soon be expanding your horizons. Seize this opportunity to take an overseas trip or start a writing project. You could be taking on some heavy responsibilities during the second half of the month. You’ll enjoy sinking your teeth into a spiritually rewarding project. Raising funds for a good cause will raise your professional profile. It will also put you in contact with influential members of the community. These social connections will be helpful for you.

The opening days of September could very well be highly romantic. If you’re not in love already, you soon could be. The Full Moon on the 6th will bring the end of a job well done. Give yourself a handsome reward for all your hard work. Your expertise will captivate a romantic interest toward the middle of the month, but won’t impress a grumpy relative. On the 20th, the New Moon will bring an unpleasant work assignment and you’ll have no other choice but to accept this job. The position will be lots of work for very little money. Try to fulfil your duties as quickly as possible so you can move on to better things. The final days of the month will make it difficult to balance your love life with your social life. Friends will demand your undivided attention when you would prefer spending quality time with your amour. Be honest about where your priorities lie.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

Stand by for will a windfall. Use the money to make extensive home repairs and renovations. If you don’t own your place, this is your chance to put a down payment on a fabulous piece of property. Give thanks for your good fortune by donating some time or money to a charity.

Exciting family news will set off a string of celebrations in the early days of September. Petty arguments will be set aside for the sake of fun. On the 6th, you’ll get a chance to catch up on errands that have escaped your attention. Take time out of your busy schedule to fill the pantry, pay bills and catch up on your correspondence. The middle of the month will bring some nice little career successes. Don’t be surprised when you’re awarded a cash bonus or an award. The New Moon on the 20th could signal some legal difficulties. It may be better to ditch a dispute than pursue it in court. Disruptions at home will make it difficult to focus on professional responsibilities. You might want to take a few days off to help a relative into a more stable living situation. Talk to a health specialist; they’ll give you a variety of options.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

There is likely to be a turning point in a close partnership. Meeting your soulmate, getting engaged or exchanging marriage vows are all possibilities. Arguments with an absent minded colleague could mean you have no other option but to file an official complaint. You aren’t willing to put up with their careless performance any longer. Make sure to attend a big party at the end of August; you’ll make some influential friends.

An intense flirtation will make the start of September a stimulating time. Whether you’re single or attached, you’ll enjoy this playful give and take. The Full Moon on the 6th will find you looking for ways to market your creative work. Whether you’re selling a book, jewellery or furniture, you can make a nice little profit. Taking a relaxing break will be fun during the middle of the month. If you’re looking for love, you could find it on a sun drenched island. On the 20th, the New Moon will put some strain on your finances. Some unexpected expenses will force you to dip into savings or go into debt. Resist the temptation to borrow money from friends. You’ll be much better off keeping your commitments on your own. The end of the month will cause you to exchange angry words with someone who has deliberately given you misleading information. Try your best to control your temper.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

An exciting job offer could be on the way. Getting paid to exercise your imagination will make you feel much better, both physically and emotionally. Take the chance to be extra helpful to a colleague in the closing days of the month and you’ll gather a great deal of valuable information, not to mention experience. Hard work will pave the way for a raise, promotion or both. Don’t be afraid to assume a position with lots of responsibility.

An unusual moneymaking opportunity will arrive in the opening days of the month. You’ll enjoy working for an offbeat company. On the 6th, the Full Moon will invite you to pamper yourself. Enjoy a spa treatment, gourmet meal, day away from work, or all three. An influential friend can help you get paperwork through a bureaucratic agency. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and advice toward the middle of September. The New Moon on the 20th could mark the beginning of an uneasy alliance. You won’t be comfortable working with someone who lords their superior knowledge over you. It may be better to go your own way than try making this relationship work. Going solo will put a drain on your resources, but don’t worry it will all work out for you in the long run. A windfall will arrive in the nick of time as September turns to October. Tighten your belt and keep the faith. Any problems and predicaments will soon sort themselves out.


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