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What do the stars have in store for you?

RUSSELL_GRANTARIES March 21st – April 20th

An exciting travel opportunity might come your way and you’ll get a real buzz from an exotic destination with a spiritual connection. Resist the urge to challenge your boss’s authority during the second half of the month. It’s especially important to be professional as January comes to a close. The Full Moon on the 24th brings an end to a period of play. Roll up your sleeves and make a renewed commitment to work.

 TAURUS April 21st – May 21st

An unexpected visitor could arrive adding some excitement to your life. By the time the Full Moon rises on the 24th, you’ll be anxious to make some changes to your domestic life. Don’t make any hasty decisions about relocating.

GEMINI May 22nd – June 21st

News of an engagement or marriage could reach your ears. You could even be the one who decides to join lives with a partner. If you’re already in a serious relationship, your amour could realise a cherished dream. Be sure to celebrate their good fortune. An argument with a relative, neighbour or colleague could erupt near the 24th. That’s when the Full Moon will stir up powerful emotions and create lots of unnecessary drama.

CANCER June 22nd – July 23rd

Combining business with pleasure is a strong possibility; think about launching an enterprise with your amour. A big bill could arrive towards the end of the month, causing some tension. Talk to a relative or romantic partner about exercising more financial restraint. Cutting costs will pave the way for a more financially secure year ahead. Be as frugal as possible.

LEO July 24th – August 23rd

You could see quick results from an improved diet and increased exercise. Feeling better will give you the inspiration to pursue fresh moneymaking opportunities. Resist the urge to go on a big shopping spree if you find yourself flush with funds. Instead of splashing out on clothes, a cosmetic procedure or makeover on the 24th, be as frugal as possible.

VIRGO August 24th – September 23rd

If you’re single, you could meet someone special at work or at a professional conference. Are you already in a relationship? Your amour may be especially attentive. Enjoy spending more quality time together. As January draws to a close, you might have to spend a little more money on car repairs or technical equipment.

LIBRA September 24th – October 23rd

Beware of getting in pointless arguments with relatives and neighbours during the second half of January. Agree to disagree about contentious topics like culture, religion and politics. By the time the Full Moon rises on the 24th, you may reconsider a friendship with an annoying egotist.

SCORPIO October 24th – November 22nd

The New Moon might have prompted you to take a short trip. You might also be able to visit an old friend who lives near this destination. You’ll have to play the aggressor in a budding romance. A career opportunity may not be worth pursuing in the closing days of January.

SAGITTARIUS November 23rd – December 21st

Working behind the scenes for a powerful executive is a strong possibility. Your love life will heat up in the second half of January; it may be hard to resist the charms of a wild rebel. If you’re already in a relationship, your amour may be anxious to take a holiday. This isn’t the best time to get away. A short trip may be preferable to an extended break, particularly as the Full Moon approaches on the 24th.

CAPRICORN December 22nd – January 20th

Getting a makeover, cosmetic procedure and wardrobe upgrade are all possibilities. An opportunity to expand your horizons through a trip or advanced course of learning is worth pursuing during the second half of the month. When the Full Moon rises on the 24th, it could be hard to enjoy an active love life as well as an active social life.

AQUARIUS January 21st – February 19th

Solitary pleasures like reading, writing and communing with nature can recharge your batteries. Your star power will steadily mount as the month draws to a close; take this opportunity to go on job interviews, auditions and first dates. Vow to listen more than you speak during these meetings. A close partnership will show signs of strain near the 24th, when the Full Moon causes tension between your personal and professional lives.

PISCES February 20th – March 20th

You might have to decide whether to pursue a personal or professional relationship with an attractive executive. Traveling overseas could be exciting during the second half of January. You will breathe a sigh of relief when an unpleasant assignment comes to a close around the 24th. This will give you more time for social and artistic pursuits; career concerns will be less pressing as February approaches.



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