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We want to work at home, say disabled staff


AN OVERWHELMING majority of disabled workers who worked from home during the pandemic told the TUC that they want to continue doing so permanently.

Nine in 10 workers surveyed wanted bosses to make reasonable adjustments to enable them to work more flexibly.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “During the pandemic, many disabled people were able to work flexibly or from home for the first time – often after being previously told that it was not possible in their job. Even amid the grief and isolation of the pandemic, these changed working patterns improved the experience of many disabled people at work.

“We can’t go back. Employers must offer all disabled people who can work from home the right to continue working from home, as a reasonable adjustment. And they must offer appropriate flexible working options as standard in all jobs – both as a reasonable adjustment for disabled workers, and as a right for every worker.

“Ministers must change the law so that all jobs are advertised with flexible options clearly stated, and all workers have the legal right to work flexibly from their first day in a job.”

PEOPLE who have a disability are the unhappiest at work, according to a review of the state of the nation’s workplaces.

Lord Mark Price, founder of WorkL, an organisation that helps businesses globally to improve happiness at work, said: “Our report shows there is a stark difference in happiness between people who are registered as disabled and those who are not. Businesses must ask themselves what more they could be doing to help those who are disabled.”



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