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Three miracle watering cans to be won

Press-button watering – Miracle Can makes watering easy

MAKE gardening life easier by winning a press-button watering can, the Miracle Can, in this competition. We have three to be won, each worth £18.99.

Their secret, which makes them unique, lies in a patented valve – a British invention – fitted to the nozzle.

A cable links the valve to the handle where the button is easily operated by thumb pressure. Press the button gently and a trickle of water comes out of the spout, push a little harder and a fuller stream emerges. Release the button and the flow is cut off instantly.

The Miracle Can holds seven litres (12.3 pints) and has interchangeable spouts of different lengths with the longest 25cm (10in), making it ideal for irrigating patio pots, tubs, hanging baskets, planting holes, seed drills, the backs of borders, greenhouse plants and growing bags.

Since the can wastes no spilled water, refilling is reduced, saving gardeners the walk back and forth to the tap and also saving on metered water and on applying feeds and chemicals, which can be accurately applied.

The can, which is guaranteed for one year, is also useful for filling car windscreen-washer bottles and pets’ water bowls.

To enter, answer this question: What is unique about the Miracle Can?

email your entry with your name and address to: competition@alltogethernow.org.uk

Please insert MIRACLE CAN in the subject line.

Closing date: Friday 24 July

For the full range of Miracle Can products, go to www.miraclewateringcans.co.uk

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