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Liverpool ranked 3rd worst UK city for Blue Badge parking

LIVERPOOL ranks as one of the worst cities in the UK for Blue Badge parking.

Covid jabs this weekend for city’s over 18s

PEOPLE living, working or studying in Liverpool are continuing to be encouraged to get a free Covid-19 test, as part of the city’s SMART testing programme.

City’s five-point Covid action plan

PUBLIC health officials in Liverpool are urging residents to keep following Covid-19 restrictions to get infection levels as low as possible before lockdown ends.

City leaders calls for national lockdown

LIVERPOOL's leaders are urging the UK Government to introduce a new national lockdown to prevent the current Covid crisis developing into a full blown catastrophe.

Covid-19 testing prioritised for 10,000 school staff

COVID-19 testing is to be prioritised for Liverpool's 10,000 school staff as the new term gets under way.

Liverpool’s Covid-19 testing pilot programme – where and when to get...

READ all about Liverpool's Covid-18 rapid testing programme – and find out where you can get your test over the Christmas period.

City seeks feedback on mass testing pilot

THE people of Liverpool are being asked to share vital feedback on their experience of the UK's first Covid mass-testing pilot.