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Liverpool ranked 3rd worst UK city for Blue Badge parking


LIVERPOOL ranks as one of the worst cities in the UK for Blue Badge parking.

The findings are revealed in a report by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, who say there’s been a surge in demand for disabled parking since 2019 when the Government extended Blue Badge parking for those with hidden disabilities.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts analysed Parkopedia data for 56 car parks to calculate the percentage of accessible car parks available in each location. But which cities are falling short?

Of the 56 city car parks analysed, Derby topped the list for failing to offer substantial parking options for disabled motorists.

Only 42% of car parks offered spaces for blue badge holders, despite there being over 5,112 blue badge holders registered in the city.

In second place is Southampton with only 46%, while Liverpool, which has more than 6,200 Blue Badge holders, is rated third worst with 44% of car parks without accessible parking.

A Liverpool City Council spokesperson said the council only has control over a relatively small proportion of parking spaces in the city – most spaces are in private sector car parks.

“There are around 500 dedicated disabled spaces in council car parks and on the street across the city centre. Additional spaces are being created in the new facilities being built at Kings Dock and Paddington Village.

“Blue Badge holders can also park for free in all but one of our council car parks or on street spaces in the city. We have no control over the number of disabled spaces in the 51 privately operated car parks in Liverpool.”

Worcester comes out best with a huge 96%. Surrey Town, Epsom, came second (95%) and Croydon third (94%).

Keith Hawes, director at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, said: “Cities need to make themselves more inclusive and accessible, particularly as the high street is struggling.”




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