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‘The stabilisers are coming off – but we must keep pedalling...

THE stabilisers are coming off on Monday – but we have to keep pedalling to ensure a smooth ride, says regional director of PHE North West, Dr Andrew Furber as we get ready for England moving to step 4 of the Covid-19 Roadmap.

‘People with learning disabilities must get Covid-19 booster jabs first’

PEOPLE with a learning disability must be prioritised for the Covid-19 booster jab, say national charity Mencap.

Living with MS – and trying to avoid Covid-19 … Emily’s...

ARTIST Emily Holt has spent the past year creating a new online film that documents what it's like living with MS – and trying to avoid catching Covid-19.

Covid jabs this weekend for city’s over 18s

PEOPLE living, working or studying in Liverpool are continuing to be encouraged to get a free Covid-19 test, as part of the city’s SMART testing programme.

Disabled people too scared to go out

MANY disabled people are scared to go out in public again, says national disability charity Sense.

City carers urged to ‘sign up’ for jabs

UNPAID carers in Liverpool, whose role currently isn’t recorded, are being urged to make themselves known so that they can have the Covid-19 vaccine. Anyone...

At last – Covid-19 jabs for all people with learning disabilities

CHARITIES have welcomed today’s news that all people with learning disabilities will be invited to have Covid-19 vaccinations.