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Positive new start for Cheshire charity

Lynne Turnbull, right, chief executive of Disability Positive, and Joanne Grubb, managing director of JG Creative

DISABILITY Positive – that’s the new name for Cheshire Centre for Independent Living.

Lynne Turnbull, the charity’s chief executive, said: “This a very exciting time for us and we are really proud of our exciting new brand. We have been introducing it at our head office over the last few days and getting lots of positive feedback.

“As a charity, run by people living with a disability or long-term health condition, we believe that people are not disabled by their condition but by a world that doesn’t meet their needs.

“This year has been a particularly challenging year for many people so it feels even more important that Disability Positive is here to make the world more accessible and to help society to understand disability in a more positive way that brings people together.”

Joanne Grubb, owner of JG Creative, said: “The charity’s previous implied it offers supported housing, but it actually provides services to help people live their everyday lives, to be part of their local community and to look after their own wellbeing. It also offers advice and help with practical tasks and advocates for people in lots of situations.

“All of these services are very positive for their services users and help to remove any barriers which stand in their way. This is where the name Disability Positive came from and we think it’s a much clearer message.”

The charity supports over 10,000 people living across Cheshire and other parts of the North West. It employs over 70 staff.

Disability Positive, tel 01606 331 853



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