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No-deal Bexit would be ‘disastrous’ for disabled

THREE disabled peers have pledged to do all they can to avert the significant impact on disabled people of a no-deal Brexit, with one warning of a “time bomb” that is now likely to “detonate”.

The disabled crossbench peer Baroness [Tanni] Grey-Thompson, pictured, said a          no-deal Brexit would be disastrous for disabled people.

She said the impact on disabled people of a no-deal Brexit had “been forgotten and will be ignored”.

Another disabled crossbench peer, Baroness [Jane] Campbell, said: “It’s becoming an extremely worrying time-bomb about to detonate.

“Disabled people will suffer, especially if we crash out without a deal.”

The Liberal Democrat peer Baroness [Celia] Thomas added: “If we need certain medicines – and many of us do – they may not be available quite soon.

“Even if they are held up for a few days crossing a border, this could do incalculable damage to those who desperately need them.”

The disabled MP Stephen Lloyd, formerly a Liberal Democrat and now sitting as an independent, was another to “wholly oppose” a no-deal Brexit.

He said: “Crashing out of the EU with no deal serves no-one, least of all our country.”


A NO DEAL Brexit could cause the closure of more care homes, says the union representing tens of thousands of care sector workers.

Reacting to the Government’s Operation Yellowhammer, Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary said: “Care is in crisis, and this paper shows that the Government is fully aware of that fact and just failing to act.

“Pre-election bribes firstly aren’t enough and secondly don’t tackle the underlying problems with in the care system.

“This shows the shambles of the entire system ­– on Brexit, on care, on how we look after the most vulnerable.

“This is complete and utter political failure on every imaginable front.”

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