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Leading e-exam site inaccessible to blind students

THE website used by many universities for online assessments are inaccessible to blind and partially sighted students.

Tara Chattaway, head of education at sight loss charity Thomas Pocklington Trust, said: “We do not have data on how many universities are using the Inspera platform but on its website, Inspera claims to be the leading European e-assessment provider – so these findings are of real concern to us.

“The move to online assessments as a result of Covid has caused huge issues for many blind and partially sighted students.

“Exam platforms that are not compatible with the software visually impaired students need to read have meant many have been unable to complete their exams.

“We call on all universities to ensure that remote learning platforms are accessible. We have created guidance on this and we urge universities to read this. It covers essential points, including accessibility testing, academic support, regulatory bodies, proctored exams, addressing inaccessibility and supporting students through remote exams.”

Read TPT’s Guidance for Higher Education Providers on online exams


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