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How Jobcentre Plus can help

DISABLED people who use Jobcentre Plus are helped into work by Jobcentre Plus or Jobcentre personal advisers.

If your disability or health condition isn’t causing you particular difficulties in finding or keeping a job, a Jobcentre Plus or Jobcentre Personal Adviser will be able to give you appropriate advice and guidance.

Their Disability Employment Advisers (DEAs) provide specialist support to people who are recently disabled, or those whose disability or health condition has deteriorated and who need employment advice.

Access to Work (AtW) Advisers have specialist knowledge of the Access to Work programme which provides support to disabled people and their employers to help overcome work related obstacles resulting from a disability

What help can a DEA offer?

DEAs can provide a range of support, advice and information including:

  • Employment Assessment, which can help you find out how your disability or health condition affects the type of work or training you want to do
  • referral to a period of Work Preparation , which is an individually tailored programme designed to help disabled people, or those with health conditions, return to work following a long period of sickness or unemployment
  • job seeking advice and support
  • training advice and information
  • advice and information on keeping your job
  • information on the Job Introduction Scheme which pays a grant to your employer for the first few weeks in a job, helping to pay towards wages or other employment costs
  • information on WORKSTEP which provides supported job opportunities for disabled people facing more complex employment barriers
  • information on the Disability Symbol which enables employers to show their commitment to the employment , training, retention and career development of disabled people,
  • details of the New Deal for Disabled People to help sick or disabled people on health related benefits who want to work, find work. It is voluntary and you decide whether or not you want to join it.

What kind of help can an AtW Adviser offer?

  • In-depth information on the Access to Work programme including advice that can help disabled people and their employers overcome work related obstacles resulting from disability
  • an assessment of your needs and whether Access to Work is appropriate for you
  • details of the grant that may be available, through the Jobcentre Plus, towards any extra employment costs which result from disability

Making an appointment with a DEA or AtW Adviser:

Contact your Jobcentre Plus office or Jobcentre to make an appointment with a DEA. Your local Jobcentre Plus office, or Access to Work Business Centre can put you in contact with an Access to Work Adviser.

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