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Europe by car

TAKE your passport and your Blue Badge!

Blue Badges are recognised throughout the member countries of the European Union (EU).

Concessions vary, but you get the same deal as those which apply to Blue Badge holders of the country you are visiting.

For more information on parking arrangements abroad, contact the Mobility and Inclusion Unit of the Department for Transport –

Car ferries

Give the ferry company as much notice as you can, and tell them what your needs are. They will reserve a parking space by a lift for easy access to the passenger decks.

Most companies offer concessions to disabled motorists, but sometimes these are restricted to members of disabled driving organisations, or are available only to disabled drivers (not disabled passengers).


You and your car are taken through the tunnel on specially designed transporter trains from the UK terminal at Folkestone to Coquelles.

It takes about 20 minutes and you do not need to leave your car at any stage.

Let them know if you have a disability so that special arrangements can be made in the event of emergency evacuation be necessary.

Help can be given during the journey if you need to use the toilet provided you can transfer to one of their wheelchairs specifically designed for this use – very similar to those carried by aircraft.
Eurotunnel Customer Services Centre, tel: 08705 35 35 35.

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