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Ellie’s new video strikes all the right chords for mental health

BUSKER Ellie Burke is building a great reputation as she sings and strums in Liverpool’s city centre streets.

Now, the singer-songwriter is set to raise mental health awareness with her university music dissertation-turned-music video, Filtered Reality.

The video takes you into Ellie’s world of social media insecurities, with accounts of individuals who have suffered mental health problems due to cyberbullying and self-comparison to the filtered realities portrayed online.

Ellie, 24, said: “One girl spoke about how social media exacerbated her eating disorder due to the negative content surrounding her disorder that was easily accessible.

“Another account discussed how cyberbullying ruined their mental health and wellbeing.

“One influencer spoke about how she suffered with anxiety due to Instagram because she was sharing her life in unhealthy ways, ways that weren’t the real her, and people were influenced by her unrealistic lifestyle. This is where my idea for Filtered Reality came from.”

Her goal is to let others know that they are not alone with their struggles, whatever they may be.

Her ambition to “sing on stage like Hannah Montana or Demi Lovato” pushed her to take up performing arts in school, attend singing auditions and study music production.

Filtered Reality music video is released today, June 16:

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