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Young people with Crohn’s & colitis need more mental health support

YOUNG people who experience severe Crohn's and colitis symptoms are more likely to experience poor mental health, and need extra support, says a new study.

‘Over 70s are coping better than others’

THE mental health of the over 70's has been the least impacted by lockdown measures when directly compared to other age groups, according to a new study by Saga.

Why we all should be backing this campaign

THE mother of a self-harming teenager who has been waiting a year to see a psychiatrist has backed Barnardo’s call for an urgent review into waiting times for mental health treatments.

Managing anxiety and panic attacks in older people

MENTAL illness in the UK is common – and it is just as prevalent in younger age groups as it is in older age.

It’s Time to Talk Day . . . about mental health

THURSDAY is #TimetoTalkDay – a day for people across England to have a conversation around mental health.

A time to be Mindful

WE ARE fortunate to live in a society that seems more open to talking about mental health.

Talk through your problems, says Harry Potter

HARRY Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe wants young people who are going through tough times to talk about their issues rather than bottling them up.