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Disabled people suffer more discrimination than others in workplace

MORE than half of disabled workers in the UK have experienced workplace discrimination, according to a new report from the global job site, Indeed.

New hope for people with advanced multiple sclerosis

PEOPLE with advanced multiple sclerosis could benefit from new trials aimed at protecting movement in their arms.

Innovative action leads to fewer strokes

AROUND 140 strokes will be prevented in the North West Coast in the coming year, thanks to a programme to detect and treat irregular heart rhythms.

Palpitations? Don’t wait – it could be too late

ARE YOU are concerned about palpitations you be experiencing? If so, contact your GP now in case it's a sign of a potentially killer condition.

New help for GPs treating deaf patients

A NEW toolkit is available to help GPs treating patients with hearing loss – and encourage deaf patients to access primary care.

Diabetes: time for some myth-busting facts

SATURDAY is World Diabetes Day and we wanted to share some diabetes myth-busting.

Don’t forget that flu jab

HEALTH organisations are encouraging everyone eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine to make an appointment as soon as possible this winter.

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