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All aboard for Vietnam . . . Airline makes the going easier for everyone

VIETNAM Airlines has introduced a range of new and enhanced services to support passengers with reduced mobility.

Gatwick making the going easier for everyone

GATWICK Airport has launched a first-of-its-kind lanyard for passengers with hidden disabilities who may need support at the terminal.

New airline hoist could make the going easier

MANCHESTER Airport is trialling a new hosit that helps wheelchair users transfer to aircraft seats.

Australia makes holidays easier for disabled travellers

WITH the world evolving and changing at a fast pace, life also for disabled people has become slightly less complicated; at least, when they are travelling to – and within – Australia.

Make it a holiday to remember

FANCY helping someone who is deafblind to have a holiday they’ll remember forever? Here’s your chance . . .

Making holidays easier for EVERYONE

HOLIDAYS should all be about fun. But for thousands of people with mobility issues that two-week break in the sun can sometimes turn into a nightmare.

Air travel guide makes plane sense

A NEW guide to make air travel smoother for disabled passengers is now available.

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