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Friends flock to celebrate Jane’s retirement party in the park

FRIENDS and charity bosses were at a special retirement party being held today at the Reader Room, Calderstones Park, Liverpool, for Jane Harris, the Director of Grants at The Steve Morgan Foundation.

For 17 years, Jane has been integral to the development of the Foundation, starting as the sole employee and managing its growth into one of the UK’s leading foundations.

She has built lasting relationships with many charities and organisations across the UK – including All Together NOW! – and was also behind the organisation’s annual conference and awards events, which have seen numerous charities recognised for their excellent work.

Steve Morgan, founder and chairman of The Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “When the history of the Foundation is written, it will largely consist of the history of Jane Harris and her leadership.

“Jane has been at the absolute centre of the work of the Foundation for the past 17 years and has been responsible for developing and maintaining our exceptional network.

“During her tenure, some of Jane’s most notable achievements include the Community Match Challenge, where £20m was awarded to over 120 organisations and individuals across Merseyside and Cheshire within a period of just 59 days.

“Jane has also played a key role in the Cradle to Career scheme, which has cumulatively been awarded over £6m for improving children’s literacy standards across North Birkenhead and the Liverpool City Region.

“We can’t thank Jane enough for her commitment over the years and we are delighted that she will continue to support us by joining our Board of Trustees.”

Jane will continue her longstanding association by immediately joining the Board of Trustees.

Jane said: “Through my work at the Foundation, I have been lucky enough to meet many people doing extraordinary things that truly change lives.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to work with so many incredible charities over the years, to help them grow and make a real difference to our local communities.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the dedicated team at the Foundation, as a member of the Board, and seeing our CEO Liam Eaglestone continue to steer the charity towards an even brighter, more promising future.”

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