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Special educational needs

If your child has special educational needs (SEN) he or she will have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most children of their age.

Your child may need additional help because of a range of needs such as in thinking and understanding, physical or sensory difficulties or perhaps difficulties with speech.

Schools and other organisations can help most children overcome the barriers their difficulties present but a few children will need more support for some or all of their time in school.

Some points to bear in mind include:

  • your child’s needs will usually be met in a mainstream nursery, playgroup or school, sometimes with the help of outside specialists
  • your views should always be taken into account
  • you should be consulted about all the decisions that affect your child

There’s plenty of help at hand, from specialists, teachers and SEN co-ordinators (SENCOs), to voluntary organisations offering advice that is often linked to particular needs.

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