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Shopmobility schemes

Shopmobility centres hire manual and powered wheelchairs or pavement scooters to help people to shop, or to visit leisure or commercial facilities within shopping centre, town or city.

Some schemes also arrange for an escort to help with shopping, but always check!

They are usually based at shopping centres and have over 280 centres around the UK.

Each individual scheme may have different rules and conditions.

Some centres offer a free service, others may charge an annual membership charge, and a small one-off fee or returnable deposit for the hire of the wheelchair. Rules vary.

Most schemes ask that you bring identification containing your name and address on your first visit.

The National Federation of Shopmobility UK (NFSUK) has a directory of its own members. More information about Shopmobility schemes can be found at: www.shopmobilityuk.org

There are also other schemes which provide a similar service that are not members of NFS.

Most large stores, particularly supermarkets, can provide wheelchairs and /or pavement scooters for mobility impaired shoppers to use in the store.

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