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Robots at the ready for Old Trafford

robotMAINROBOTS are on the way to Old Trafford tomorrow (Thursday 1 October 1). And they are on a very special mission: To show just what they can do to help people with autism.

‘Kaspar” – a child-sized humanoid robot designed to help teachers and parents support children with autism – will be the star of a new one-day conference exploring autism, assistive technologies and sensory issues.

The conference, Autech 2015, will bring together world-leading experts in robotics, biometrics and cloud-based technology to explore how people with autism can be better understood, supported and encouraged to live the fullest lives possible.

Jane Carolan, operations director at Wirral Autistic Society, the charity that is organising the event, said: “Today’s portable devices, apps and cloud computing are opening up a new world to the people we support. Who knows where this innovation may lead us.

“Over the next decade we may even see thought-activated technology, advanced robotics and augmented reality – technologies that we once thought of as science fiction – becoming widely available and affordable.

“Assistive technologies can be truly life-changing and we feel it is part of our mission as an autism charity to ensure everyone has access this information and is part of the debate about how we want to support people with autism in the future.”

Autech 2015 takes place on Thursday 1 October at Old Trafford, Manchester and is for social care professionals, educators and autism practitioners – and also for families and carers of those with autism.

Wirral Autistic Society, tel 0151 334 7510 

PICTURED: Kaspar and a young child with autism

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