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Park’s Christmas hamper winner’s great share out!

hampeMAINrLUCKY Betty Ellison could hardly believe it when she got a phone call to tell her that she had won our sensational Park Empire hamper competition, worth £553.

Almost 6,000 entries flooded in – the biggest ever response to our annual Christmas competition.

“I’m absolutely stunned,” Betty said on learning that she had won the hamper.

“A few days ago I had told a couple of my grandchildren that I had entered the competition and we fantasised about what we would do with all the food if I won.

“Now I feel as if I’ve won the Lottery – it’s just fantastic. And I can’t thank Park and All Together NOW! enough.”

For the past five years Betty, from Kensington, Liverpool, has been caring for her husband, Alf, who suffered a major stroke that left him without speech and paralysed down the right side of his body.

“I’m going to share the hamper between all my wonderful family and friends. We’ve got our sons, Paul, Mark, and daughter Lorraine plus a total of 14 grandchildren and great grandkids – and our friends – so there’ll be plenty of fun deciding who gets what.”

Betty is a huge fan of All Together NOW!

“It’s a diamond that has helped us through some very tough times,” she said. “There is so much information and news that we just wouldn’t know about. And it’s free. It’s great that the health trusts are supporting the paper – it’s a lifeline to us and to tens of thousands of families across the region.”

Park Group’s chief executive Chris Houghton said: “We are delighted to hear that Betty and Alf have won. I’m certain they are going to enjoy all the goodies for a long time to come!”

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