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New structure for Wheelchair Rugby League

All out action during wheelchair rugby match

THE Rugby Football League has unveiled a new competition structure for Wheelchair Rugby League that features a Super League, Championship and European Club Challenge.

Wigan, Halifax, Mersey Vikings, Bury Jigsaw and Wolverhampton Rhinos will compete in the Wheelchair Super League which will run from April through to the Grand Final in September.

The Wheelchair Championship will feature Bradford Bulls, Mersey Vikings A, Wakefield and Medway Dragons (Kent).

England Wheelchair Rugby League Coach, Phil Roberts said: “The competition is looking stronger each year which we’re very pleased about.

“In addition to the teams entered into the league structure this season there are also several other clubs playing at festivals which will prepare them to join the league in 2012.

“This model has allowed us to manage sustainable growth throughout the country and this year will see our first regional competition take place.
“It’s an exciting time and this is reflected in the level of interest that the sport is generating.”

The UK Super League champions will play the French champions in the European Club Challenge in October. This will be followed by an international fixture between England and France.

There will also be a regular schedule of festivals taking place across the country involving new and existing clubs including teams from Hull and Leeds.

Wheelchair Tag Rugby League offers both disabled and non-disabled players of both sexes the opportunity to compete both with and against each other.

There are five players per side in Wheelchair Rugby League.

Tackles are made in the same way as tag rugby, with players wearing tags on their shoulders and opposition players having to remove a tag to affect a tackle.

The game has the same six tackle count that is used in Rugby League, with teams conceding possession of the ball if they have not scored after a set of six tackles have been completed.

Offside, knock-on and in-touch rulings apply as they do in the traditional game.

Conversions are scored by punching the ball from a tee over mini-RL posts.

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