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First international summer camp for deaf teens

THE SUMMER might be  a wash-out for many of us, but  a group of 19 deaf teenagers have just had the time of their lives!

The teenagers, from five European countries, took part in the first International Teens Week for young cochlear implant users, organised by The Ear Foundation.

When they arrived at St John’s School for the Deaf in Boston Spa, Wetherby, neither they nor the adults with them knew quite what to expect.

It was the first time they had met each other – with a variety of languages and technologies to manage.  Between them the teenagers had seven different types of cochlear implant processors.

But the youngsters were great communicators, spoke to each other and were happy to use signed support. Lorna Lord, family co-ordinator at The Ear Foundation, said: “To see profoundly deaf implant wearing teenagers talking together and having such a great time was inspirational!

“The way they bonded was a credit to all the teenagers, their families and everyone involved.”

One of the teenagers from the UK, Heather, said: “I have really enjoyed meeting new people and learning their languages, I can’t describe how much fun it was this week, having a laugh with other friends from Europe without the language barrier.”


The Ear Foundation is a UK based cochlear implants support charity, providing activities and support to families, carers and volunteers with deaf or hard of hearing children. Tel: 0115 942 1985




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