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A change of Vista for Jessica

All Together NOW! partner Allied Mobility are all geared up to making a big difference to people’s lives. They’ve just helped Jessica Taylor-Bearman and her family to start a brand new chapter in their lives…

Jessica lives with ME, severe osteoporosis and chronic pain which was triggered after she contracted a virus at 14 years old.

She spent four years in hospital, unable to get out of bed, speak or eat independently before returning to her family home to recover.

Jessica eventually became strong enough to be able to be transferred to her wheelchair. But she still couldn’t leave the house as her parents didn’t have a suitable mobility car for her.

Jessica says: “My physio therapist and occupational health therapist worked hard with me over many years to get me into a position where I could get out of my room in my recliner wheelchair … but I was still trapped in my house because my parents’ car was not accessible.”

The Road to Recovery

When they first got in touch with Allied Mobility, Jessica and her family chose the large Peugeot Spirit™ with plenty of space for her wheelchair to fully recline in the rear.

The WAV became Jessica’s lifeline to the outside world – from enabling her to travel to her brother’s wedding so she could be a bridesmaid, to helping her attend her own nuptials in 2017 and getting her to the hospital to welcome her daughter, Felicity, into the world.

As Jessica’s condition and life changed, she found herself with a new set of requirements for her latest car.

She explains: “I needed a car that could fit my recliner wheelchair but was able to have proper seating for my daughter’s Isofix car seat to fit. I needed it to be a comfortable ride because my chronic pain had intensified greatly.”

Vista Gets the Vote

After returning to Allied Mobility and getting sound advice from their local mobility advisor, Karen, the family test drove a number of different options and ultimately decided on the spacious Volkswagen Vista™

The Vista™ enjoys great accessibility for Jessica and her wheelchair with comfortable seating for husband Samuel and space for Felicity’s car seat.

Of her second experience with Allied, Jessica recalls: “There was always somebody friendly to talk to for advice. Karen was so thorough and made it so easy. She was so careful to make sure that I got a car that was completely suitable for all my complex needs.”

Rising to the Challenge

Shortly after delivery the family put the Vista™ to the test by driving from their home in Essex to visit family in Kent. Straight away, Jessica noticed a difference in how comfortable the journey was.

She also loved the fact that she was able to sit in the rear of the car where she could keep an eye on Felicity throughout the long journey. Since then, the family has been getting out and about as much as they can and look set to have many more years of happy motoring ahead.

Jessica says: My new WAV, (fondly named Beryl), rose to the task of bringing comfort and safety for us all. I thank my lucky stars I found Allied Mobility.”

Volkswagen Vista™ is available exclusively from Allied Mobility. Vista™ is available to buy, rent or via the Motability Scheme. For more information about the Volkswagen Vista™ or Allied’s range of disabled cars, call 0800 916 3028.

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