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New ap sounds perfect for people with diabetes

diabetesPEOPLE with diabetes can now manage every aspect of their condition – using their mobile phone.

With the new DiabetesPA app, you can log in and track levels of blood glucose, insulin, mood, exercise, medication, HbA1c, blood pressure, carbohydrates, calories, alcohol, weight, BMI, cholesterol and ketones

Created with the help of 20,000 members of, the makers say it is a practical and free way for people to monitor every aspect of diabetes. Easy to use, you can set the units to suit you, wherever you are in the world.

This new approach to diabetes management lets people see the interaction between different areas of their health and wellbeing giving them more information at their fingertips and better long-term control of their diabetes.

You can share your progress with your doctor and healthcare team through your DiabetesPA and generate health reports to get the most out of your diabetes reviews.

You can also set reminders and share your progress with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter.

App user Mike Watts said: “I’ve just started to use the app and can I say it’s AMAZING. I never knew how my mood affected my blood glucose levels.”

The DiabetesPA App can be downloaded for free from at The App Store and Google Play, for IOS and Android phones.

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