BWC_fatherTHE financial services sector is an integral part of the UK economy employing over a million people and supporting hundreds of thousands of hard-working families, a third of which are within London.

Despite the extension of the Right to Request flexible working and the introduction of Shared Parental Leave, 27% of parents are unhappy with their work-life balance and feel resentful towards their employer, whilst 41% mentioned their work-life was becoming increasingly stressful according to the Modern Families Index 2015 report.

According to OECD’s Better Life Index, men work very long hours, 17% across OECD countries in comparison to 7% for women. Fathers would now like to be more involved and there are more men working flexibly today than ever before, successfully balancing their job and their home-life. Our flexible working for fathers guide provides information on why fathers may decide to change the way they work, and how they can make this change happen.

An employee’s working environment can have a profound effect on their personal life, and to successfully combine and balance the two seems to be a challenge for working families.

Bank Workers Charity believe it is critical to raise awareness of the importance of helping parents and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work.

Our suite of resources provide information for working families and their rights and benefits as a parent, with further guidance on how to request flexible working.