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Relaxation room for Aintree stroke patients

STROKE patients at Aintree University Hospital are benefitting from a new relaxation room that has been designed to help combat some of the psychological effects of a stroke.

Stroke survivor Chris Tarrant wants us all to Give a Hand

TV PRESENTER Chris Tarrant is urging people to ‘Give a Hand’ at the end of the month – to raise awareness about the devastating impact of strokes.

Stroke figures soar for people aged 40-54

HE number of strokes occurring in men aged between 40 and 54 has rocketed by almost 50% in less than 15 years.

A step forward

A WOMAN who had to cope with a 'drop foot' following a stroke has become the first person in the UK to benefit from...

Almost half of strokes could be prevented

TODAY is Stroke Awareness Day. Take a look at these five top tips to help you from having a stroke – the biggest causes of disability in the UK.

Big Lottery hands out £1.5m to mental health projects

PROJECTS aimed at helping people with mental health issues and those recovering from strokes have been awarded more than £1.5m from the Big Lottery Fund’s Reaching Communities programme.

Wii games to help stroke victims

COMPUTER games' technologies, such as the Nintendo Wii Remote, could be used to help people with aphasia - a language impairment, commonly caused...