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Tag: Multiple sclerosis

New hope for people with advanced multiple sclerosis

PEOPLE with advanced multiple sclerosis could benefit from new trials aimed at protecting movement in their arms.

‘Holy Grail’ discovery to prevent disability in multiple sclerosis

SCIENTISTS have made what they describe as a 'Holy Grail' discovery to protect nerves from damage and prevent disability in multiple sclerosis (MS)

New help for people just diagnosed with MS

NEW HELP and advice aims to tackle the lack of support that people newly diagnosed with MS are given from their GPs.

Inspirational sailors set sail again

Oceans of Hope, the 20-metre yacht undertaking the first global circumnavigation by a yacht with a working crew of people with multiple sclerosis, has set sail from Portsmouth, following a highly successful four-day stopover.

Multiple sclerosis: Americans start new stem cell trial

RESEARCHERS in the USA are recruiting for a trial that will look at the safety and tolerability of a procedure that attempts to treat...