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Sad to say goodbye

LAST week we heard the sad news that well loved actor Robin Williams had died.

Inquiry launched into prison mental health deaths

AN INQUIRY into non-natural deaths of people with mental health conditions in state detention has been launched by The Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Look after your mental health, say the Bank Workers Charity

ONE OF the most common issues that clients come to us with is problems relating to mental health.

Benefits’ boost for mental health claimants

PEOPLE with mental health, cognitive or intellectual impairments should find it easier to claim the benefits they are entitled to, following a Court of Appeal ruling.

Please take our Mental Health survey

Do you think there is a need for more news and information about mental health? We are considering launching a new Mental Health Zone in...

Homeless shock

BRAIN injury could affect almost half of homeless people and may contribute to the risk of people becoming homeless in the first place, says a study by The Disabilities Trust.

The young failed by their families

THE discrimination faced by young people with mental health problems frequently comes from those closest to them.