WE HAVE five packs of 30 fabulous Rembrandt tulip bulbs to be won in our latest competition.

They’re certain to give your garden an artistic boost next spring!

Rembrandt, the famous Dutch painter, lived and worked in Holland when tulips were all the rage there, particularly those with streaks and stripes of colour.

These types of tulip changed hands for huge sums of money during the ‘tulipomania’ craze 400 years ago.

Now multi-coloured forms of the flower are named after Rembrandt because they look as if they have been painted by a master.

Create your own masterpiece with our prize collection – six bulbs each of five stunning bicolour tulips with splashes and streaks in shades of purple, red and yellow.

Planted 10cm (4in) deep and 15cm (6in) apart in late October or November, they will produce dazzling flowers you from March to May, growing 45cm (18in) tall, and will bloom year after year.

To enter the competition, answer this question:

What country is renowned for its tulips?

Email your entry with your name and address to

Please insert TULIPS in the subject line. Deadline, noon Monday October 16

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