BLUE badge holders across the UK could soon be clicking their mobile phones to find a free parking space if a new service being trialled is successful.

A free mobile app lets Blue Badge holders instantly see the availability of 188 accessible parking bays across the City of London.

The technology will also let planners see exactly how the bays are being used – or abused!

Dan Hubert, CEO and founder of AppyParking, said: “We’re committed to making parking accessible for absolutely everyone. By adding into our app the locations and real-time availability of accessible bays across the Square Mile, Blue Badge holders can quickly and conveniently locate accessible parking bays.”

And Helen Dolphin, director

of People’s Parking and a campaigner for the improvement of parking experiences for motorists with disabilities, said: “This scheme should become the norm so that Blue Badge holders can visit city centres and local high streets filled with the confidence they’ll have a convenient place to park.”