Cost effective advertising

Cost effective advertising

All Together NOW! is the perfect way to reach your audiences.

Complimenting our online magazine is a FREE multi award-winning tabloid newspaper that has a MAINSTREAM readership of almost HALF A MILLION.

110,000 copies are distributed every two months – with 90 per cent of copies eagerly picked up at supermarkets, hospitals and health centres.

“All Together NOW! is more than just a newspaper. It is the key that opens a thousand doors.” — Sir Bert Massie, one of the UK’s leading disability campaigners

David Murray, who heads up  newspaper survey specialists The Murray Consultancy, said:

“In the ten years we have been conducting surveys nothing comes anywhere near to the standards being set by All Together NOW! “The results are hugely impressive.”

2019 advertising rates:

Full Page – 335 mm x 8 columns (262 mm): full colour  £2,500 (charity, £1,750)

Half Page Horizontal – 165 mm x 8 columns (262 mm): full colour  £1,500 (charity, £975)

Half Page Vertical –  335 mm x 4 columns (130 mm): full colour  £1,500 (charity, £975)

Quarter Page – 165 mm x 4 columns (130mm): full colour   £850 (charity, £500)

Single column centimetre (31mm):                                        £15

FRONT PAGE SOLUS: 40mm X 8 columns (262mm)  £650  (includes website link). Charity, £500

Online magazine:

Banner advertisement from £200 per month

All prices subject to VAT

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