GREAT Britain Wheelchair Rugby’s team take on Australia, Belgium, Japan and Sweden in the 2011 Wheelchair Rugby GB Cup at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff from September 5-8.

The tournament will be the highest-level competition the squad plays between now and the Paralympics in 2012.

GBWR chief executive David Pond said:

“Wheelchair rugby is one of the most exciting of the Paralympic sports as physical contact between wheelchairs is permitted and forms a major part of the game.

“With so many of the world’s top players present, the 2011 GB Cup is going to be hugely exciting and a fantastic challenge for our team.”

A mix of ice hockey, handball and rugby, the game was founded in Canada in 1977 and is a combination of brute force and tactical strategy.

Eight rolling substitutes make up squads of 12, with four players on court per team at any time.

The aim is to thunder across your opponents’ goal line with two wheels in contact with the hardwood floor and the ball in your hands! Players in possession have to bounce the ball or pass with within 10 seconds of receiving it.

To find out more about the sport, or for information on getting involved, visit the GBWR website: