TOP astrologer RUSSELL GRANT takes a look at what the stars have in store for you in June


Aries (Mar21/Apr20) It will be difficult to understand a loved one’s motives on the 3rd; don’t pretend you have got a handle on their feelings on any subject. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings disappointing news about an official matter. Instead of vowing revenge, accept the situation gracefully and start a fresh chapter. Postpone signing a contract or entering an agreement on the 6th, as there may be hidden clauses that undermine your interests. Some special news is just what the doctor ordered on the 13th and it could be the impetus you need to turn your thoughts to more spiritual and esoteric influences. A hidden benefactor will recommend you for a high-powered job on the 20th; this proves how important it is to be kind to everyone you meet at every juncture of life. On the 21st, a Solar Eclipse will bring an excellent real estate opportunity. Alternatively, you might welcome a new member to your household. Your charisma skyrockets on the 28th; use it to your advantage.

Taurus (Apr21/May21) Throwing money at a problem at the start of June won’t make it go away. You’ll have to lay your cards firmly on the table and work out a solution with someone who sits at the heart of the issue The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings an end to a challenging role. You’ll be glad to move on to greener pastures, even if you’re unsure about what the future holds. Unfortunately, a friend will fail to live up to a promise on the 11th, causing you to question their loyalty. You may decide to rethink your plans for the future on the 18th; making more time for the people and home-based activities you love. On the 21st, the Solar Eclipse brings a cherished dream within reach; you’ll have a chance to strike out in an exciting new direction. More money for luxuries will become available on the 25th, much to your delight. Make the most of a rare opportunity to make some big changes as June makes way for July.

Gemini (May22/Jun21) Charm won’t get you anywhere with an employer as May makes way for June. Instead of trying to get special favours, work hard and do what’s expected of you. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings an end to a troubled relationship. You are no longer interested in staying on this particular emotional rollercoaster. No matter how hard you work, your efforts won’t be appreciated in the days surrounding the 6th. Pursuing a cultural project in the arts would be worth considering on the 13th. A payment could be unexpectedly delayed on the 18th, prompting you to rethink your budget. On the 21st, a Solar Eclipse will attract an exciting moneymaking opportunity. Working for a large organisation like a hospital, local or national government agency will radically improve your income. The 23rd invites you to get the training you need to excel in your chosen field. Follow through with a self-improvement programme on the 25th and you’ll be delighted with the results.

Cancer (Jun22/Jul23) You feel insulted when someone doesn’t take you seriously on the 3rd. Could this be a sign of deeper problems in your relationship? On the 5th, a Lunar Eclipse prompts you to draw a line under a troubled situation. You will not compromise your health just for the sake of a quiet life. Postponing a long-distance trip that’s scheduled for the 6th will be a wise decision, even if it has already been taken out of your hands. There will be bigger and better opportunities to get away in the not too distant future. Submitting your work for publication or academic review is strongly suggested for the 13th; when you’re sure to get an enthusiastic reception. It will be necessary to revise something you’ve said on social media on the 18th; offer a sincere apology to anyone you have hurt or misled. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st will prompt you to undergo a dramatic style makeover. Changing your look will give you a big boost. Joining forces with an encouraging, enthusiastic partner on the 30th will improve both your personal and professional lives.

Leo (Jul24/Aug23) Neither a lender nor a borrow be in early June; mixing friendship and finance always seems to lead to trouble. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could put an unsatisfying end to a romance. Financial strain has made it impossible to continue with this relationship. Beware of getting romantically involved with a friend on the 6th; it’s best to keep this relationship platonic. Money from an investment, refund or legal settlement could be coming your way around the 13th, but you might have to hire a lawyer to finally get your hands on the cash. Finding a quiet corner on the 20th will give you a chance to recover from all the emotional excitement that has been swirling around you. An opportunity to work from home will come your way on the 21st and you’ll welcome the chance to escape workplace plots and politics. Go along with an impulse to enter a contest or competition on the 28th; you just might win the top prize.

Virgo (Aug24/Sep23) Whether it is current events or your business or romantic partner you will be discouraged from taking a new career path at the start of the month. You must follow your natural insights and instincts in this matter. On the 5th, a Lunar Eclipse will prompt you to break away from an oppressive domestic situation. Finding your own place is a distinct possibility, but it may have to wait until later in the year. An old friend will come back into your life on the 18th, giving the tender loving care you feel you need. Learning to love yourself unconditionally will pave the way to a happier, healthier life on the 20th. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st helps you to realise a childhood dream; this is your chance to revisit an old interest or pastime and rekindle the pleasure it once gave you. Moments of reflection will cause you to revise some opinions about love on the 23rd. It’s time to adopt a more realistic view of relationships. Going after your heart’s desire is strongly advised as May comes into sight; postponing your plans for the sake of others is no longer working.

Libra (Sep24/Oct23) Don’t pretend to have the necessary expertise or experience for an important position or community role on the 3rd. It will be better in the long run to admit you don’t know everything and ask for training. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings sobering news about joint finances. It is time to rein in your spending and put more money into savings. A troubled romance could fall apart at the seams on the 11th; it’s time to adopt a more realistic view of love. Be willing to restructure a work project in the middle of June. Your efforts to satisfy a demanding client will be appreciated by your employer. On the 21st, a Solar Eclipse brings an exciting career opportunity. You could be offered a promotion or an entirely new role in recognition of your creative talent. You will be starting to think again about a postponed trip towards the end of the month; you’ll welcome the chance to explore a country famous for its cultural and historic attractions but it may be next year before you can dust off your passport. Let an online admirer open their heart to you, but careful not to take them too seriously at the end of June.

Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22) If you want to enjoy a more passion packed love life in June move closer to your beloved and show how interested and involved you are in your amour’s hopes, dreams and desires. The physical connection you want will flow naturally from a stronger emotional bond. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could see an end to an income stream and it may be necessary to finally cancel holiday plans while you look for another job. Selling your handiwork for a handsome profit is a distinct possibility on the 13th; going into business for yourself will be preferable to working for somebody else. An opportunity to study abroad could be offered to you on the 21st, courtesy of a supportive Solar Eclipse but it may be some time before you can make the most of this opportunity. You’ll enjoy working with innovative and unorthodox people. A rigorous fitness routine started at the end of the month will bring gratifying results. Positive feedback on your efforts gives you the courage to undergo a radical transformation on the 30th.

Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21) It’s time to set some healthy boundaries with family on the 3rd and stop letting them interfere with your life. We all need some solo time to be alone with our thoughts, but present circumstances have made this almost impossible. On the 5th, the Lunar Eclipse will see you putting an end to a belief or practice that was imposed on you during childhood. Don’t feel guilty about cultivating your own philosophy, even if it’s different from the one with which you were raised. You may be forced to choose between a friend and a relative on the 11th; it’s better to side with the person who is kind and generous. More money for a few of life’s little luxuries will arrive on the 20th; this is a great time to satisfy your sensual side with some extravagant online purchases. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st marks a passionate encounter with an adoring partner. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special through work. Clearing your home of clutter will be a relief at the end of June. Divide unwanted things into three piles: sell, donate and discard and swing into action.

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20) No matter how hard you try to be pleasant to someone you’ll have a hard time connecting with them at the start of June You are dealing with a pessimistic personality who is determined to be miserable so try not to let them get to you. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th brings upsetting secrets to light. You may decide to cut ties with a deceptive neighbour or relative after this information becomes common knowledge. It’s important to see the writing on the wall where work is concerned near the 6th; it wouldn’t hurt to look for another position. The terms of a contract will be revised on the 18th, prompting you to check out just how green the grass is on the other side of the fence. You’ll be able to forge a much better deal on or around the 20th if you put your negotiation skills to work. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st brings exciting news from your best friend or romantic partner. Special developments towards the end of June mean a change of plans or tactics that will need some careful thought.

Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19) Trying to buy someone’s love and affection could backfire badly in early June. You deserve a partner who loves you for who you are, not for what you can buy. The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th marks the end of a troubled friendship. You’re tired of being forced to walk on eggshells for this hypersensitive person. Try not to be angry at someone who offers constructive criticism on the 6th; they truly have your best interests at heart. It may be necessary to revise a work project on the 18th; try your best to accommodate a good customer. Working for a hospital or government agency could be an ideal role for you and you would be very happy working in such an environment. On the 21st, the Solar Eclipse prompts you to start a health enhancing regimen. This programme will make you feel better, both physically and emotionally. If you wish you can negotiate an arrangement that allows you to make changes to your daily routine at the end of the month.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20) Beware of pushing a relative into an unwanted or unnecessary decision on the 3rd; it’s better to respect their feelings and give them the space they need to think things through. On the 5th, a Lunar Eclipse will bring disappointing news for those studying and preparing for papers and tests as there is nothing you can do about this try to put a positive spin on events and keep working for when things get back to normal, which they will. Your nearest and dearest may disapprove or a plan or decision prompting you to reconsider on the 6th; it’s time to establish some healthier boundaries between you and your loved ones. Don’t pick a family fight on the 11th. You’ll never win someone round to your point of view, so it’s best to avoid a sensitive subject altogether. Putting a creative plan into motion is strongly advised on the 13th. Promoting a friend’s business on the 20th will have unexpected rewards. Spread the word about their excellent service and products. The Solar Eclipse towards the end of June will bring news of an engagement, marriage or pregnancy.