TOP astrologer RUSSELL GRANT takes a look at what the spring stars have in store for you . . .



ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

JUNE: You’ll be indecisive at the beginning of June, due to a confusing New Moon on the 3rd. This is not a good time to sign a contract, submit official papers or enter into a verbal agreement. The other party is being intentionally vague as a means to throw you off balance. Until the terms are clarified, you should withhold your permission. If that means letting an agreement fall through, so be it. You’re better off going solo than entering into a deal that puts you at a distinct disadvantage. Legal problems will occur on or around the 17th, when the Full Moon forces you to make restitution to the other party. Don’t let yourself be consumed by anger. The sooner you meet this obligation, the faster you can build a happier and healthier future. If an extended trip was stressful, give yourself a few days to recover before going back to business.

JULY: Big changes will occur on the home front at the beginning of July. The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd suggests you will move to accommodate someone’s career. Alternatively, you might relocate after a government agency takes over a piece of property. The upheaval will be significant, but it will ultimately benefit you. Starting fresh will give you a chance to release some old grudges that have been weighing on your heart. On the 16th, a Lunar Eclipse will bring an end to a tense situation with someone at work. Don’t panic if you’re forced to find another job. It will be much better working for someone who isn’t on a power trip. Look for an opportunity that will allow you to exercise your own excellent leadership ability. You’re very good at boosting morale, meeting high standards and delivering on promises. As a result, you’ll quickly climb the ladder to success.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

JUNE: On the 3rd, the New Moon will attract a problematic moneymaking opportunity. Although you welcome the chance to improve your income, you won’t like your colleagues. You’re a highly practical person who would prefers keeping busy to building castles in the air. Many of your fellow workers will resent your diligent attitude. Instead of trying to earn their approval, stay focused on your duties. People around you will soon come to understand that you’re worth your weight in gold. At that point, you’ll be offered a different type of role. The Full Moon on the 17th will force you to confront an untrustworthy person. Someone who has betrayed you should answer for their behaviour. Shed light on their deception in a public forum. That way, they won’t be able to perpetuate their scams on other unwitting victims. Do the world a favour and expose this manipulator for who they really are. Nobody will look down on you for being fooled.

JULY: Harsh criticism on the 2nd will undermine your confidence. The Solar Eclipse in early July beckons you to acquire more skills and knowledge. Taking a course in a subject that has always fascinated you will give you the spiritual lift you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning to cook, sew, build furniture, make spreadsheets or perform office accounting. You will rise to the challenge with a demanding teacher. Contrary to what a critic says, you’re extremely intelligent and capable. Don’t let the haters get you down. A Lunar Eclipse on the 16th brings the end to a legal matter. Once this decision has been rendered, you’ll be able to lead a more stable, organised life. It will be such a relief to not be constantly on call. If you’ve been longing to take an overseas trip, schedule one. This journey will have a profound impact on your belief system.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

JUNE: Changing your image won’t improve your professional prospects. Assuming a false front will put even more distance between you and the job you want. Although your path to success is much longer than those who have a more conventional appearance, it will be rewarding. The most valuable lessons involve an element of personal sacrifice. The fact you must work harder than anyone else will be empowering. Apply for an exciting job on the 3rd. It may be impossible to land the position at this time, but the New Moon will increase your chances for future success. On the 17th, the Full Moon will force you to confront problems in an intimate relationship. The career constraints of a partner are undermining your bond. Unless one or both of you is willing to change, it may be necessary to go your separate ways. Are you single? Beware of getting involved with someone who is emotionally distant.

JULY: The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd brings a new source of income, but there will be challenges involved. A demanding partner will force you to play by a strict set of rules. You’ll resent being accountable to this taskmaster, but it can’t be helped. If you want to improve your financial situation, you should accept this job with all its frustrations. By sticking to your principles, you’ll establish yourself as a highly capable person who knows how to turn a profit. On the 16th, the Lunar Eclipse brings an end to an intimate relationship. Someone who has been struggling with an addiction needs to undergo rehabilitation. Don’t let their obsessions drag you down. Although you don’t want to leave your loved one in their hour of need, it may be the only way they see what needs to be done. Even then, they still may be too stubborn to choose health over substance abuse.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

JUNE: The New Moon on the 3rd warns against disclosing sensitive information. If someone confides in you, maintain their privacy. It will be tempting to share this information with others, but that will undermine your reputation as a trustworthy person. Dealings with a government agency will be difficult at the beginning of June. You’ll be continually turned down for help without being given a reason why. Instead of trying to crack this code, look elsewhere for the assistance you need. A hidden benefactor will come to your rescue when you least expect it. On the 17th, the Full Moon brings unnerving news about a health problem. It will be necessary to undergo a battery of tests to pinpoint the source of a problem. Although this situation will be very trying, it’s important to attend each appointment. Slowly but surely, the truth of your situation will emerge. When it does, you’ll find the relief you desperately desire.

JULY: The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd helps you undergo a radical transformation. You could start your own business, have an image update or take on a new professional role. This shift will possibly put stress on a close relationship. The people you live or work with want to maintain the status quo, but this simply isn’t possible. You are being called to fulfil your life’s purpose. Embrace every opportunity to improve your circumstances, even if it creates tension in your personal life. It’s possible you will relocate on the 16th. That’s when a Lunar Eclipse brings closure to a domestic situation. Moving to a different neighbourhood, selling a piece of property or buying a home are among the possibilities. You might decide to move to somewhere smaller. Be ready to find living circumstances that support your new reality. This might mean leaving the country for the city or downsizing your living space. Do what’s best for you.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

JUNE: On the 3rd, the New Moon will put you in some unusual company. Although you’ll like some of the people you work with, others will rub you the wrong way. Don’t draw lines in the social sand just yet. You never know who will be in the position to help you, either personally or professionally. If someone asks you for a loan, issue a polite refusal. You can’t waste your hard-earned money on an irresponsible person who will gladly milk you for every cent. With friends like that, you won’t need enemies. A creative project won’t turn out the way you intended on the 17th. That’s because a stressful Full Moon has limited your finances. As a result, you’ve been forced to work with inferior materials. Don’t despair. Instead of treating this work as a failure, consider it a prototype. You’ll be able to make improvements as more funds become available.

JULY: On the 2nd, a Solar Eclipse will prompt you to adopt a low profile. Demands at work will compromise your health unless you take it easy. Instead of enjoying late nights and loud parties, go home early and fix nutritious meals. Get into bed and let your body replenish. This will allow you to wake up and face the day’s challenges with a positive attitude. A staffing shortage may require you to accept more shifts or longer hours. Don’t panic; the situation is temporary. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th could find you reaping rewards for a job well done. You will receive a promotion or offer of employment that transforms your life. Instead of being forced to take whatever assignments you can get, you’ll have your choice of opportunities. Your health could improve dramatically at the end of the month, possibly because of a surgical procedure or strict regimen.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

JUNE: A professional offer on the 3rd isn’t what it seems. The New Moon is obscuring important details involving this position. You may be forced to work with a difficult colleague that can’t be trusted. Before taking this position, do some research into the company in question. You’ll quickly learn that morale is very low at this place. You’re better off waiting for a better situation. A sensitive person like you should seek employment at places that are famous for treating its staff well. The Full Moon on the 17th brings a stressful domestic matter to a head. You’re no longer willing to tolerate a relative or roommate’s outrageous behaviour. Instead of continuing to subject yourself to this toxic situation, make a fresh start. You have more control over your destiny than you realise. The secret to your success is adopting a positive attitude. When you believe in yourself, you can move mountains.

JULY: The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd will draw influential people into your social circle. A romantic partner or someone close won’t approve of your new friends. They’ll be threatened by their influence in your life. Don’t let your loved one’s misgivings interfere with these new alliances. You have an opportunity to improve your standing. By joining forces with a powerful group, you’ll be able to fulfil your creative potential. On the 16th, a Lunar Eclipse will bring an end to an artistic venture. A respected critic will champion your work, helping you earn fame and acclaim. It’s difficult for a naturally modest person like you to be heaped with praise. You’ll be suspicious of all the favourable remarks about your work. Put your suspicions aside and let this praise sink into your bones. You have worked hard and have earned these accolades. This is your reward for taking your natural talent to a whole new level.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

JUNE: The New Moon on the 3rd forces you to learn complicated concepts in a short period of time. You’re fighting the clock; there is not much room for error. Studying with a quirky teacher will be daunting. You’ll start questioning your intelligence when you’re working with this genius. There is no time for self-doubt. Focus on acquiring as much knowledge as possible. When you encounter difficulty, ask for additional instruction. This isn’t the way you enjoy working, but these are extraordinary circumstances. Adopting another way of doing things will force you grow. On the 17th, the Full Moon will bring some upsetting news about work. You might be downsized from a failing company or be turned down for a desirable job. Remember that when one door closes, a window will open. Instead of seeking employment through conventional measures, try something different. Start your own company or join an employment agency.

JULY: An interesting career opportunity could come your way on the 2nd, courtesy of a Solar Eclipse. Although you welcome the chance to get ahead, you are worried this job will take you far from home. It may be necessary to relocate to another part of the country. Living a long distance from family may be a blessing in disguise. Too often, you try to impress your loved ones instead of pursuing your own desires. Getting some physical distance from them will lead to emotional growth. Embrace this opportunity to change. Your dependence on a habit will come to an end on the 16th. That’s when the Lunar Eclipse will give you the courage to break away from a person or activity that fed your insecurities. Instead of turning to them for solace, you’ll learn how to cope with problems in a healthy way. You’re much stronger than you think. Break off a troubled alliance.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

JUNE: On the 3rd, you’ll be forced to deal with someone who makes you uncomfortable. You’ve always operated on instinct, while your partner relies on logic to make their decisions. This difference in approaches makes you distrustful. Until you learn to see the benefit in both systems, you’ll continually be at odds. Get into the habit of asking your other half’s opinion. When you show respect for them, they’ll return the favour. You owe it to yourself to make this partnership work. The Full Moon on the 17th brings disappointment in money. A payment will be far less than you expected. You failed to factor in the costs of this job before setting your price. Don’t let this happen again. There are better ways to attract business than offer bargain basement rates. Charge what you are worth and don’t apologise for being more expensive than the competition. Your superior work speaks for itself.

JULY: The opportunity to expand your horizons will arrive on the 2nd, thanks to a Solar Eclipse. Going on an overseas trip, taking a course of study or launching a new and exciting personal project are all possibilities. You will feel like a fish out of water throughout this journey. Being uncomfortable will help you grow and change. You’re about to see just how privileged you really are. Working alongside people who are in a more vulnerable position will make you more compassionate, sympathetic and caring. Being receptive to the unfamiliar will work to your advantage at the beginning of the month. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th changes your outlook. Recently, you’ve been cynical about power and authority. When a respected and responsible figure person comes to your rescue, your ideas will change. Instead of being suspicious of people in charge, you’ll look past their job titles and evaluate them on their individual merits. If someone has a track record of being capable, they are trustworthy.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

JUNE: The New Moon on the 3rd will pave the way to a romantic or business alliance. This relationship will be quite rocky. Your emotional needs are quite different. While you are looking for a partner who is challenging and stimulating, your other half wants someone both reassuring and affectionate. It will be difficult to resolve these differences. Unless you’re willing to meet your friend halfway, it may be better to remain solo. Are you already in a relationship? Be sensitive to your partner’s needs, even if they seem fanciful to you. On the 17th, the Full Moon will trigger a troubling realisation. You’ll change the way you feel about a relative. Someone you admired or hated has been putting on a false front. Once you know the truth, you’ll have to alter the way you deal with them. Be willing to admit you were wrong as May turns into June.

JULY: A Solar Eclipse on the 2nd invites you to be more generous with an intimate partner. You’ve always prized your freedom, but if you’re going to enjoy the benefits of a close relationship, you have to open your heart and share your resources. Someone trustworthy and reliable does deserve your financial support. If you’re living together or married, pool your resources. Don’t make them live on a tight budget when they could benefit from your income. A Lunar Eclipse on the 16th will put an end to an ethical dilemma. Justice will be served to a bullying, oppressive personality who has been abusing their power. This decision will cause you to breathe a sigh of relief. This tyrant has forced you to walk on eggshells. Once they leave the scene, your productivity will soar. You’ll also become much more creative. It’s easy to brainstorm when you’re not afraid of reprisals.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

JUNE: Beware of undergoing a radical health regimen on the 3rd, when a rebellious New Moon can lead to rash decisions. Your system might not be able to handle the shock of a total overhaul to your diet and exercise routine. If you want to eliminate certain foods from your meals, do so one item at a time. Carefully observe how your body reacts to these changes. By listening to its signals, you’ll be able to craft a regimen that is based on your unique digestive needs. On the 17th, the Full Moon will bring an embarrassing secret to light. Instead of trying to maintain this cover up, come clean. Apologise to those who mistakenly put their faith in you. It will take time to regain their trust. Don’t get defensive when you’re treated with cold indifference. You can win your way back into the public’s good graces by demonstrating you have changed. Live up to your promises.

JULY: A relationship will reach a turning point on the 2nd, thanks to a powerful Solar Eclipse. Resist the temptation to maintain the status quo. Give away some of personal power to your best friend, romantic partner or business associate. Trying to control your other half is making you both miserable. Celebrate their accomplishments, encourage their independence and follow their lead. You will be pleasantly surprised. On the 16th, the Lunar Eclipse brings a close to a prominent role. Leaving this position will give you more time to do the things you love. Don’t feel compelled to fill your days with work and chores. Instead, venture outdoors. Begin a creative project. Indulge your sensual side. You’ve always been the useful, productive one in your group. Keeping your nose to the grindstone made you feel worthy. Summon your courage and turn away from the work pile. You’ve earned the right to rest, relax and reflect on the future.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

JUNE: The New Moon on the 3rd makes you yearn for some free time, but you’ll have difficulty finding it. Financial constraints make it difficult to take a vacation. If you want to make more money, it will be necessary to change your priorities. Instead of spending every last minute at work, start devoting more energy to creative pursuits like writing, painting and playing music. When you satisfy your own desires, you’ll radiate positive energy. This will attract the moneymaking opportunities you crave. A group project will come to a close on the 17th, due to a stressful Full Moon. You’ll discover that your values are radically different from the other members of the organisation. As a result, it will be impossible to coordinate your efforts. Instead of continuing to beat your head against this brick wall, reset your coordinates and head in a more rewarding direction. You won’t get anywhere with your current cohorts.

JULY: A new job is coming your way on the 2nd, but it will throw you off balance. Normally, you’re confident about your professional abilities. This position will make you realise you lack essential skills. Instead of panicking, strengthen your resolve. The Solar Eclipse at the beginning of July will help you acquire some undoubted abilities. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss for additional training or taking a course after hours. Be open to growing, changing and improving. Pride is your worst enemy at the start of the month. By the 16th, a Lunar Eclipse will help you conquer a persistent fear. Your fundamental distrust of the establishment has stopped you from realising your full potential. Instead of avoiding a government official, manager or politician, ask for their help. They’ll help you gain access to fundamental resources. We’re here to help one another. Don’t insist being a lone wolf when you can be supported by the pack.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

JUNE: Family matters are stressful in the early days of June. It’s important to face painful truths on the 3rd, when the New Moon requires you to make some changes to your household. If a relative needs medical treatment or rehabilitation, be honest. It may be necessary to issue an ultimatum. You can’t be expected to give specialised care on top of your regular responsibilities. If you’re living in a toxic situation, stop fooling yourself. Establishing your own household will be challenging but satisfying. On the 17th, the Full Moon warns against assuming unrealistic career expectations. Ambition alone won’t get you to the top. To reach your goal, it will be necessary to get advanced training. It will be necessary to make prolonged personal sacrifices to advance your education, but your hard work will pay off. Don’t be discouraged by the long road ahead; it will be instructive and empowering.

JULY: Friends won’t approve of a creative project or romantic relationship on the 2nd. That’s when a Solar Eclipse forces you to choose between being happy and being popular. Stop trying to impress people who want to control your life. As soon as you start listening to your instincts, you’ll become much more confident about your choices. When others criticise your choices, you’ll simply shrug, laugh and continue on your path. This will be incredibly empowering. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th brings an end to an abusive association. Although a friendship began as a positive influence, it has devolved into a power struggle. Stop letting an intimidating person put you down. Their hostility has its roots in jealousy. You shouldn’t feel defensive about your breakthroughs and good fortune. All the abundance that has come to you is the result of hard work and a positive attitude. Stay positive and keep moving towards the light.