TOP astrologer RUSSELL GRANT takes a look at what the stars have in store for you . . .


ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20) October’s Full Moon on the 1st could prompt you to lash out at someone who cuts corners and treats others badly. You’re tired of being taken for granted. After making your feelings known, you’ll be given a chance to take on a very different role starting on the 2nd; make it your mission to render perfect performances. Challenging a time-honoured institution on the 9th will backfire; pour your rebellious energy into a creative project instead. Pushy behaviour on the 13th will get an angry reception; give your business or romantic partner some space. Work demands will be powerful on the 15th; prepare to cancel some personal plans to finish an important assignment. On the 16th, the New Moon warns against signing a contract that gives too much power to the other side. As the month nears its end your love life starts to gather an exciting momentum all of its own while another Full Moon on the 31st brings an unexpected boost to your bank balance and a little extra to splash out on life’s little luxuries.

NOVEMBER: Beware of pushing a good and loyal friend or romantic partner into a decision on the 9th; it’s better to respect their boundaries and not push your luck. An intriguing career opportunity looks likely to come into view on the 12th, it will mean more money in return for your leadership and experience. It will become much easier to get projects off the ground starting on the 14th; life is about to move much faster. The New Moon on the 15thfinds you letting down your defences with an attentive lover. If you have a partner, their financial good fortune will spill over to you, allowing you to indulge in some creature comforts. Are you single? You’ll meet someone special at a professional conference. You will have to cancel personal plans for the sake of work on the 19th; try not to dwell on your disappointment. On the 30th, the Lunar Eclipse could cause a car, phone or piece of tech to break, posing the perfect opportunity for an upgrade. Go for the best available and don’t cut corners you don’t need to.

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 21) The Full Moon at the start of October brings an embarrassing secret to light; it’s time to make amends with someone you hurt a long time ago. You’ll attract admirers like bees to honey on the 2nd making this a great time to embark on a relationship with someone who shares your love of art, culture and music. If you already have a partner time spent in romantic seclusion will be time well spent. The New Moon on the 16th warns against taxing your system with too much junk food and alcohol. By feeding your body pure ingredients, you’ll avoid burnout. Turn a deaf ear to friends who criticise your plans to launch a creative venture on the 18th. Your instincts are right on target, helping you to make something that is both useful and beautiful. A second Full Moon on the 31st prompts you to listen to a wild impulse and transform your look in some way. You’ll be delighted with the results.

NOVEMBER: Avoid spreading gossip on the 9th; you don’t want to get a reputation for being unpleasant and untrustworthy. On the 15th, the New Moon prompts you to sign a contract, get engaged or exchange wedding vows. This is a wonderful time to make an exclusive commitment to someone very near and dear to you. You may lack the expertise necessary to do a good job on the 19th; don’t hesitate to ask for additional training or for a word or two of advice from more experienced colleagues. Your love life sizzles with excitement on the 21st; this is an excellent time to enjoy a romantic outing. Beware of imposing sudden changes on a loved one on the 27th; it’s better to meet in the middle. The Lunar Eclipse on the 30thcauses a source of income to dry up, prompting you to look for a more rewarding line of work. Finding a job at a government agency, university or hospital is strongly advised, as this position will include excellent benefits.

GEMINI (May 22-Jun 21) The Full Moon on the 1st prompts you to break away from an annoying organisation or group. Don’t feel pressured to pay dues or fees that would be better spent on personal purchases. Stop telling yourself you’re incapable of performing a demanding job on the 7th; nothing could be further from the truth. The chance to work for a former employer could come your way on or around the 14th, but on the 16th, the New Moon warns against getting involved in a troubled romance. Although someone you fancy is right up your street looks-wise they’re not mentally stable enough for a relationship. Returning to a hobby you enjoyed as a child will make you feel years younger on the 28th. Indulge your playful side. Another Full Moon on the 31st brings an unexpected opportunity to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. Plan to do something, go somewhere or just quietly meditate and reconnect with your inner self.

NOVEMBER: Resist the impulse to buy someone’s affection on the 1st; you deserve to be loved for your heart, not the size of your bank account. A stalled project will start moving forward again on the 3rd, filling you with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Acquiring additional and much sought-after skills on the 10th will improve your professional prospects so check out the potential of taking an in-depth course. The New Moon on the 15th attracts an exciting job offer. You’ll enjoy working for a company that offers great benefits. Official paperwork looks likely to be delayed on the 17th, forcing you to find another way to perform a job. You’ll win praise for a job well done on the 24th; there may be an end of year bonus to look forward to. After a prolonged silence, you’ll finally hear back from a charitable or creative institution on the 29th; the news will be good. On the 30th, a Lunar Eclipse puts an end to a demanding role, allowing you to spend more time with friends.

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 23) As October gets up and running the Full Moon brings a stressful professional situation that might be too much to bear. Instead of battling with a jealous rival, strike out on your own. An influential business or romantic partner will help you through an important transformation on the 4th. Use their help to start a fresh chapter. A pushy employer will pressure you to cancel personal plans on the 15th; you may have no other choice. The New Moon on the 16th forces you to find another living situation; don’t allow a manipulative person to interfere with this move. It’s better to assert your independence. Signing a business deal on the 21st is strongly advised. This contract will pave the way to long-term financial stability. A second Full Moon on the 31st finds you finishing a group project. Don’t be surprised when you’re named the most valuable player. The entire team feels indebted to you for your creative contributions.

NOVEMBER: Don’t be discouraged by a loved one’s pessimistic and down-hearted outlook on the 1st; you can always find a little joy regardless of your circumstances. Your mind and heart work in perfect harmony starting on the 3rd; making it much easier to take important decisions. A pleasure trip on the 10th could be just what the doctor ordered so long as you respect your environment and surroundings. Encourage your business or romantic partner to undergo a radical transformation on the 12th; they’ll appreciate your support and the changes they make will make things better for all concerned. On the 15th, the New Moon inspires you to take up a new project; follow this impulse as soon as possible. It will quickly take shape, giving you renewed confidence. Don’t be surprised if you become something of a love magnet because around the middle of the month. You’re never more attractive than when you are energised and enthusiastic. Resume a publishing endeavour on the 29th. The Lunar Eclipse on the 30thbrings an end to a period of obscurity, allowing you to command the spotlight in a powerful way.

LEO (Jul 24-Aug 23) October starts off with a Full Moon on the 1st that brings an upsetting legal or official decision. It may be necessary to change jobs because of this news. A friend who promised to find you a job will go back on their promise on the 11th; but it’s all for the best. Don’t let your ego get in the way of learning valuable skills on the 13th. On the 16th, the New Moon will tempt you to throw yourself into a nasty argument on social media. Instead of firing off a sarcastic remark, stay off the Internet for a full day. You don’t want to say anything you will come to regret in the days ahead. Your moneymaking ability will soar starting on the 22nd; this is a great time to find a lucrative job. Another Full Moon on the 31st marks a thrilling turning point in your career. Be ready to accept a position with a highly creative company. You’ll find this work both stimulating and fulfilling.

NOVEMBER: The early days of November are perfect for a family reunion. You’ll enjoy reconnecting with relatives who have always supported your creative talent. A lucrative job will transform your life; if one comes your way accept an offer involving real estate, banking or management on the 12th. The New Moon on the 15this ideal for buying or selling property. If you plan to relocate, you’ll find just the sort of property you want at a price you can easily afford. Put your negotiating skills to work. Powerful desires prompt you to embark on a fitness regimen on the 19th. Being more active will strengthen your body and lift your spirits. Starting on the 21st, you’ll feel a strong urge to take a long-distance trip for pleasure. Plan a trip to a country that has an exotic flavour. On the 30th, a Lunar Eclipse prompts you to break free of a group that no longer excites your imagination. This will leave time in your schedule for doing the things that genuinely bring you pleasure.

VIRGO (Aug 24-Sep 23) The Full Moon at the start of the month will bring an unexpected expense; it may be necessary to cancel a plan or project to cover this bill. Resist the temptation to contradict an expert on the 7th; you don’t want to alienate someone you might have to rely on in times to come Your powerful allure will cause someone to fall head over heels in love with you on the 10th while the New Moon on the 16th brings an intriguing moneymaking opportunity. Ultimately, you will turn down this job offer, since it will conflict with your creative life. Be ready to turn down an unrealistic request from your business or romantic partner on the 18th. More money for luxuries becomes available on the 19th; so give yourself a treat or two as the end of October draws near. A second Full Moon on the 31st could bring news of an interesting new opening that will give you a chance to share your knowledge and know-how with others and get paid for it.

NOVEMBER: It will be easier to deal with a financial issue during the first few days of November. Don’t hesitate to drive a hard bargain for your goods and services; they are valuable. A creative or money-making project will bring you success and happiness on the 10th. On the 15th, the New Moon inspires you to take a course in a subject that has always fascinated you. If you’re single, you could find love with a fellow classmate. If you are already in a loving relationship your bond will strengthen because of the intellectual stimulation you enjoy. Avoid getting drawn into a nasty argument on social media in the days surrounding the 17th. You don’t want angry words to come back to haunt you. The 24this perfect for a professional presentation or job interview. The Lunar Eclipse on the 30thbrings an end to a professional role. Having more time for the people and pursuits you adore will be a breath of fresh air.

LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23) The Full Moon on the 1st forces you to come to terms with a troubled relationship. You should break away from someone who has been stealing your joy. On the 16th, the New Moon tempts you to radically change your appearance. Resist this impulse, as you probably won’t be happy with the results. Be realistic about your work responsibilities on the 18th; don’t force colleagues to pick up your slack. The 19th is ideal for raising your rates or negotiating a pay rise. Alternatively, you will be offered a lucrative job involving the arts. Money from an inheritance, legal settlement or insurance refund will arrive on the 21st, allowing you to treat yourself to a few of life’s little luxuries that have previously been out of your reach. Your star power will be evident to everyone on the 28th; use it to win favours and influence people. Another Full Moon on the 31st marks a thrilling romantic encounter. Let an ardent admirer sweep you off your feet.

NOVEMBER: Stop letting your best friend or romantic partner dictate the terms of your relationship on the 9th; it’s critical to be more assertive and lay down some firm red lines. A home improvement project on the 12thwill transform your living space into a happy haven of peace and quiet. The New Moon on the 15thbrings an exciting moneymaking opportunity. If you want it this could be your chance to work from home. Flattery will get you nowhere with a stern relative on the 16th. Instead of trying to win over this family member, it would be better to please yourself and do your own thing. More money for luxuries will become available on the 21st; splash out on some creature comforts. Don’t panic if an emergency expense comes your way on the 27th; the necessary funds will arrive when you need them most. On the 30th, a Lunar Eclipse brings a happy conclusion to a legal matter or official issue. You’ll be able to pursue a stimulating business or romantic alliance once this issue has been resolved.

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22) There’s a Full Moon at the start of October that brings an abrupt end to a demanding work situation. You’ll find you have more time for pleasure as a result. It will be much easier to exert your influence on the 4th, when people will welcome your powerful insights. Try to avoid arguing with a quarrelsome colleague on the 9th; you’re going to need their help sooner than you think. The New Moon on the 16th could force you to adopt a low profile. Beware of overshadowing a powerful egotist. Your powers of persuasion will be strong on the 19th; use them to get funding for a new creative project. Official paperwork will be delayed starting on the 28th; you might have to wait until next month to get approval or a certificate. A second Full Moon on the 31st marks an exciting turning point in an intimate relationship. A sudden engagement, marriage or divorce will open a door that was once firmly shut to you.

NOVEMBER: After a prolonged period of silence, you’ll finally hear from a government agency, hospital or university after the 3rd. A romantic encounter on the 10thwill make you feel like you’re walking on air. If you’re single, you’ll meet someone special at a spiritual retreat or spa. The 12this perfect for launching a promotional campaign; you’ll attract lots of favourable attention from advertisements. On the 15th, the New Moon prompts you to undergo a dramatic makeover. This is a great time to change your hairstyle, overhaul your wardrobe, develop a whole new style or give your home a top to toe makeover. The transformation will change the way people treat you. Don’t feel compelled to wait on an impetuous business or romantic partner on the 17th. A Lunar Eclipse on the 30thputs an end to a financial obligation, allowing you to forge a new path. Instead of being tied to your neighbourhood, you can look for work in other parts of the world.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21) The Full Moon on the 1st urges you to make a decision about your love life. If you’re single, you must decide whether to make a serious commitment to a love interest. If you already have a partner go the extra mile to add spice to your life together. Money for household items will arrive on the 12th; this is a great time to buy furniture and artwork. On the 16th, the New Moon tempts you to join a social set; be wary about associating with snobs and power players. Don’t let a childish temper tantrum keep you from pursuing a moneymaking opportunity on the 19th; this job will bring you much pleasure. If you feel you’ve outgrown a childhood ambition why not start working on a new set of aims and aspirations as October gives way to November. Another Full Moon on the 31st brings wonderful news about a medical matter. You’ll be able to resume a rigorous routine after getting a clean bill of health.

NOVEMBER: The start of the month is good for working alongside, and in cooperation with those who share the same aims and aspirations. People will be willing to put their egos aside for the sake of progress and teamwork. The 12thbrings a touch of financial good fortune; there’s never been a better time to launch a business, product or service. The New Moon on the 15th invites you to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. Enjoy a trip by a beautiful body of water; this vacation will soothe your fiery nerves. Neither a lender nor a borrower be on the 16th; mixing friendship and finance nearly always leads to heartache. Making some home improvements on the 24thwill deepen your enjoyment of domestic pursuits. Create a private place where you can hear yourself think; dark colours and plush textures will give you the cosy comfort you feel you need. On the 30th, the Lunar Eclipse brings an end to a close relationship, allowing you to move on to greener pastures. As the festive season draws near think about building upon a romantic or business alliance that encourages exploration.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 20) On the 1st, the Full Moon brings an abrupt end to a stressful living situation; take this opportunity to strike out on your own. The full force of your charisma comes roaring back on the 4th; and you can use it to lure people into your web of intrigue. An argumentative relative will start to get on your nerves around the 9th; so you’d be wise to put some distance between you and them for as long as you can. The New Moon on the 16th brings an intriguing career opportunity, but it might involve too much personal responsibility. Your generous spirit attracts an exciting travel opportunity on the 19th; making this a good time to finally make a booking. You’ll get a chance to share your expert knowledge with some appreciative people on the 24th; this task will feel more like play than work and as a result your employer will change their mind about an on the 28th, causing you to consider a career move. A second Full Moon on the 31st is perfect for an impromptu vacation or impetuous romantic encounter.

NOVEMBER: After a prolonged silence, you’ll finally get the news you have been waiting for in the early days of November. A job involving buying and selling property, the law or publicity will be certainly be worth thinking about while the 12th marks an impressive personal accomplishment that will boost your confidence and fill you with exciting plans for the future. A home improvement project will go beautifully on the 14th. On the 15th, the New Moon could see you applying to join a club, organisation or team. The people you meet will appreciate your leadership ability and they might even ask you to take the helm of their group. Friends in high places will promote your talent on the 19th; don’t be shy about having your work put before the public. A creative block will dissolve on the 29th, allowing you to put the finishing touches to a project that has been filling your thoughts for some time. A Lunar Eclipse on the 30thbrings an end to a troubling health matter, allowing you to become more active.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21-Feb 19) The Full Moon brings upsetting news about a community situation at the start of October; there is still time to appeal to public officials; then your employer won’t try to accommodate any special requirements you might have on the 7th; it may be time to look for a better job. Money from an inheritance, legal settlement or insurance refund will inspire you to buy a beautiful luxury item. Don’t hesitate to indulge your sensual side. A bad rule at work will be reversed on the 14th, bringing relief to everyone affected. On the 16th, the New Moon makes you yearn to expand your horizons, but official duties will keep you rooted to the spot. Empty promises from a work official on the 20th will increase your determination to find a better job. Another Full Moon on the 31st marks an exciting turning point in your home life. You might relocate to an unusual area that stimulates your imagination.

NOVEMBER: A postponed legal or official issue will be rescheduled after the 3rd; you’ll be relieved to resolve this issue. Resist the temptation to lash out at a silly social media remark on the 6th; if you can’t say anything nice, you should remain silent. Landing your dream job is a distinct possibility on the 10th; this is your chance to secure a more responsible role in the artistic or even the charitable sector. On the 15th, the New Moon finds you working with powerful people who appreciate your resourceful behaviour. Don’t be surprised if a promotion comes your way before the end of the year. A family emergency will require you to rethink your plans during the middle days of November; be as flexible as possible. You’ll meet someone beguiling but basically insubstantial on the 27th they will turn out to be all style and no substance. The Lunar Eclipse at the end of November marks a turning point in a romance. Someone will get engaged or married, setting off a string of celebrations.

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) On the 1st, the Full Moon brings an unexpectedly small paycheque; you may have been charged excessive membership fees. Joining a professional organisation will put you in the spotlight on the 12th; don’t be bashful and be ready to put your skills and talents on display. The New Moon on the 16th warns against opening a credit account; it’s best to keep debts to a minimum. Take a realistic view of a loved one’s strengths and weaknesses on the 18th; putting anyone on a pedestal is a recipe for disaster. Friendship could turn to romance on the 21st. If you’re single, obey an impulse to push a close relationship to the next level. Do you have a partner? Sweep them off their feet and take them on the holiday of a lifetime. Check bank statements with a fine-toothed comb starting on the 28th, when errors can easily occur. A second Full Moon on the 31st is perfect for launching a blog, podcast or website; prepare to become an overnight sensation.

NOVEMBER: It will be much easier to clarify your thoughts and come to terms with your ambitions at the start of November; spend a few moments thinking about what you really want to achieve. Resist the temptation to indulge in retail therapy on the 9th; you don’t want to go into debt over things you really don’t need. If it’s possible book a break at a lovely seaside resort on the 10th; you’ll enjoy getting away from daily responsibilities. The New Moon on the 15th inspires you to write a book, record a podcast or launch a website. Putting your ideas before the public will boost your professional stature. Career ambitions will grow starting from the 21st; this is a great time to pursue your dream job. You could also consider taking a role with a charitable or humanitarian organisation. A stalled dream will be revived on the 29th; stay focused on this glorious vision. On the 30th, the Lunar Eclipse will prompt you to relocate to a livelier neighbourhood.