TOP astrologer RUSSELL GRANT takes a look at what the spring stars have in store for you . . .



ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

APRIL: You want to take on a different role at the beginning of April, but there are people around you hoping to block your path. The New Moon on the 5th makes you fully aware of the conservative attitudes and stuffy restraints that are holding you captive. If you are going to strike in another direction, there will be consequences. You may be at the point that you do not care. If that’s the case, get ready for some fireworks. There are people around you who will try making life very difficult for you. You have friends in high places. On the 19th, someone close to you and trusted will come to your rescue. Accept their offer to expand your horizons. Let your friend set you up in a training course. Getting a license or certificate in a growing field will allow you to live anywhere in the world. This is exactly the kind of change you want.

MAY: An unusual moneymaking opportunity will become available on the 4th, courtesy of the New Moon. Opportunities will arise out of the blue. You might have a chance to move into a cutting-edge field. You won’t have much previous experience, so you’ll have to learn as you go. This will be a highly stimulating job that fuels your creativity and enriches your bank account. On the 18th, the Full Moon will bring an intimate relationship to a head. A difference of opinion will spark a loud argument. Although you’ll enjoy venting your frustrations, you should beware of making hurtful remarks. Words can hurt as much as weapons. If you want to keep this union alive, you must treat your partner with respect. Be direct but polite throughout the second half of May. It will be possible to resolve your differences as long as you are guided by logic instead of emotion.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)

APRIL: Working behind the scenes will be stressful at the beginning of April. The New Moon on the 5th finds you butting heads with an expert who wants to take all the credit for your hard work. Staying in this situation will make it impossible to advance. It’s time to start looking for a better situation. Stop telling yourself this is your only option. It may be necessary to upgrade your skills or transition into a different industry, but this will be much better than staying in a toxic environment. On the 19th, the Full Moon will help you wrap up a work project that attracts lots of favourable publicity. Use this achievement to move into a better job. Working for a commission will be better than taking a flat salary. It’s time you were paid for your superior performance. Don’t be afraid of meeting April’s challenges. They have been sent to move you into a better position.

MAY: The New Moon on the 4th invites you to make a radical transformation. This would be a wonderful time to go for a complete image update and take on a whole new style. If someone offers to give you a makeover at the beginning of the month, accept. You will be thrilled with the results. Doors will open after you change your appearance. It will be easier to attract love, glamorous work assignments and exciting creative opportunities. An agreement will come to an end when neither party can find common ground on the 18th. That’s when the Full Moon will shed light on deep rifts between you and your best friend, romantic partner or work associate. You’ve had unreasonable expectations from this relationship. You want stability from someone who enjoys chaos. A separation, even a temporary one, will give you both a chance to think about what you really want.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

APRIL: Cracks are beginning to appear in your social circle. A stressful New Moon on the 5th warns against lending or borrowing money. Coming to a troubled person’s rescue won’t resolve their problems. This troubled person has to answer for their behaviour. Don’t feel pressured to pay a fine or cover a bill. You have better things to do with your hard-earned money. If you’re drowning in debt, talk to a debt management agency. There are many groups and organisations dedicated to helping people in your situation. If you play your cards right, you can consolidate your bills into one monthly payment and possibly eliminate the interest rate. On the 19th, the Full Moon will showcase your creative talent. You’ll have a chance to sell your handiwork for a handsome profit. While this may not be a stable source of income, it will bring in some much-needed extra cash at the end of April.

MAY: On the 4th, the New Moon will prompt you to take a break from your daily routine. It’s possible you will have to take a prolonged absence from work to recuperate from an illness or emotional shock. Standing still is never easy for you. You feel much more comfortable keeping busy. Instead of attending to odd jobs and talking with friends, sit in silence for a while. It will take practice, so be patient. Remaining still will cause a breakthrough that makes you feel much better, both physically and emotionally. An unpleasant routine will come to an end on or around the 18th. That’s when a tense Full Moon will make you choose between duty and happiness. Delegating a job to a relative or colleague will be difficult. You feel in control when you’re in charge of this responsibility. Relinquishing this chore will give you more time for the people and activities you love.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)

APRIL: On the 5th, the New Moon will attract a problematic career opportunity. Although you’re eager to advance, you don’t want to work with a famously toxic executive. Instead of subjecting yourself to their abuse, hold out for a better offer. You have tremendous leadership ability. It may be better to open your own business than work for someone else. Your path will become clearer after the 19th, when the Full Moon will help you sew up a real estate matter. Buying or selling a piece of property will cultivate stability. You may decide to launch a business from your home. Working for yourself will solve so many problems. You’ll be able to choose your work associates. It will be possible to spend more quality time with your family. There’s the added bonus of creating an office environment that lifts your spirits and lets your creative juices flow freely. April is your chance to strike out on your own.

MAY: You’ll be asked to join an exciting club on the 4th, thanks to May’s friendly New Moon on the 4th. You’ll have lots of fun with this organisation. Traveling to local places of interest, studying different artists or learning how to cook will help you discover aspects of yourself you didn’t know existed. Prepare for some empowering revelations at the beginning of the month. The Full Moon on the 18th will mark an unfortunate loss. A prospect that seemed like a sure thing will fall through, causing disappointment. Resist the temptation to lash out at the person who asked you to take this risk. They will be just as upset as you are. Although it may be impossible to stay friends, you shouldn’t blame all your troubles on them. Both of you are the victim of circumstance. Treat this setback as a teaching moment. It’s better to try and fail than cling stubbornly to the status quo.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

APRIL: Legal problems could block your path at the beginning of the month. The New Moon on the 5th warns against breaking the rules. You’ll fare much better colouring inside the lines than defying authority. The last thing you want is to lose your job because you didn’t want to follow procedure. If you are hit with a lawsuit, think about settling out of court. This will be far preferable than going through the time, frustration and expense of a trial. On the 19th, the Full Moon will prompt you to put some newly acquired skills to use. Your knowledge will attract a creative opportunity. If you’re offered a teaching job, take it. You’ll enjoy working with students who are eager to learn from you. Don’t worry if you have to take a pay cut. Your earnings will improve as you gain more and more teaching experience. Having a job you enjoy is more precious than gold.

MAY: The New Moon on the 4th marks an unusual career opportunity. You’ll be asked to take the helm of a glamorous, high-profile company. This position will suit you perfectly. Don’t worry if the duties are unlike any you’ve performed in the past. You’ll quickly get the hang of things. The important thing is you will have a job that feels more like play than work. Family life will become tense on the 18th, due to a contentious Full Moon. Your relatives will resent all the energy you’ve been pouring into work. If you’re going to be successful, you must strike a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives. When you promise to attend family gatherings, recitals and games, keep your word. Your family needs to know they can rely on you. Overlooking their needs will cause anger and resentment leaving permanent scars. Think carefully about your priorities. Stand by the people who unconditionally love you.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)

APRIL: It will be difficult to get your fair share from a joint financial account. On the 5th, the New Moon will put strain on relationships bound by money. If you’re embroiled in a custody battle, you’ll have to fight to get funds for a child’s wellbeing. To protect your interests, it may be best to get a job that can sustain you through this difficult period. Getting training in a cutting-edge field will help you find a lucrative position that allows you to work independently. It will also help you hold out for resources that are rightfully yours. It’s easy to bargain when you’re not backed into a corner. The Full Moon on the 19th will improve your economic situation. Buying or selling a piece of property will put you in a much stronger position. If you don’t have money for a down payment, a generous relative will come to your rescue.

MAY: The New Moon on the 4th will allow you to broaden your outlook. Going on an overseas trip, getting an advanced degree or starting a whole new project will bring great happiness. You’ve been blessed with powerful intellectual curiosity. The first half of the month is ideal for acquiring and sharing expert knowledge. If you’re offered a teaching job, take it. Working with students will deepen your pleasure of a favourite subject. The Full Moon on the 18th will make you feel pressed for time. It may be impossible to finish your list of chores. If this is the case, it’s time to delegate jobs to others. Don’t hesitate to ask relatives, neighbours and colleagues for help. Although you’re highly capable and organised, it isn’t realistic to do all the work yourself. With the approach of June, you’ll be challenged to relinquish control. Throw caution to the wind and see what happens.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)

APRIL: The New Moon on the 5th creates tension in your personal life. If you’re in a relationship, your other half will embarrass you with their wild and rebellious ways. You resent having to apologise for their boorish behaviour. Ultimately, you have very different needs. Unless you can find a way to live together in harmony, it may be better to part ways. Are you single? Instead of looking for a partner who will impress your family, seek someone who will make you happy. Trying to satisfy other people’s expectations will only lead to unhappiness. The Full Moon on the 19th further emphasises the importance of satisfying your own needs. Use this opportunity to take a college course for pleasure, go on a short trip or finish an important project. Satisfying your intellectual curiosity will strengthen your self-esteem. The second half of April invites you to stop expecting others to satisfy your needs. Seek to please yourself instead.

MAY: The New Moon on the 4th brings a windfall that turns your financial situation around. Take this opportunity to pay off debts and put money into savings. Creating a retirement fund will make you feel optimistic about the future. You’ll enjoy using your money to build a life of comfort for you and your family. If you’re in love, your relationship will become much closer in the early days of May. Let down your defences with someone you know you can trust. On the 18th, the Full Moon will present an ethical dilemma. It’s important to obey your conscience, even if it gets other people in trouble. Turning a blind eye to bad behaviour will just compound a serious problem. It’s time to come clean. Some people will be angered by your decision, but it can’t be helped. Stop covering for someone who is doing harm to others.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)

APRIL: A work assignment you receive in early April will be difficult to complete. That’s because you’ll be getting conflicting signals from your colleagues. Things will be especially tense near the 5th, when a stressful New Moon causes a clash of egos. Some people will ask you to do perform tasks a certain way and others will denigrate your methods. You have no intention of getting drawn into a power struggle. To gain some clarity, talk to your employer. Don’t do any work until you receive a clear set of instructions. Are you in charge? It’s time to put an end to all the in-fighting and back stabbing. On the 19th, the Full Moon urges you to take a break. Sneaking off to a private hideaway will allow you to reflect on where your direction. Finding a more rewarding line of work will relieve stress. Opportunities involving education, travel and publishing are especially worthwhile.

MAY: The New Moon on the 4th will mark the beginning of an important relationship. Falling in love, forming a business alliance or signing a contract will be liberating. Two heads are definitely better than one at the beginning of May. While you forge a new path, your partner will create a stable environment that makes it easier to take risks. The Full Moon on the 18th will prompt you to leave a role that no longer serves you. Your departure will make people upset. They’ve been depending on you for guidance. Don’t let anyone lay a guilt trip on you towards the end of the month. You’ve tried your best to serve the group but the arrangement is no longer working. Stop trying to satisfy others at the end of the month. Your first loyalty is to yourself. If this means turning your back on a toxic situation, so be it.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)

APRIL: On the 5th, the New Moon creates drama in your love life. Financial difficulties could be taking a toll on your union. Instead of sniping at each other about money matters, go to a counsellor. It will be easier to work out these problems with an objective third party. If you’re single, it may be because you worry that a relationship will cramp your style. You’d rather live a ragtag existence than feel responsible for a romantic partner. Think carefully how this attitude is undermining your happiness. The Full Moon on the 19th is ideal for attending a festive occasion. There’s a good chance you’ll meet someone who finds you utterly charming. By joining forces, you could start a business, showcase your creative work or assume an exciting new role. Instead of resigning yourself to being a loner at the end of the month, reach out to those who can help realise your dreams.

MAY: A wonderful job offer will arrive on or around May 4th, thanks to an enriching New Moon. This will be a great opportunity to build a nest egg. Although you’re not especially materialistic, you will benefit from having a financial cushion. Being able to travel, write and study without having to worry about money will be liberating. The beginning of May is also a good time to take up an unusual sport. Being active will make you happy, healthy and wise. On the 18th, the Full Moon brings an embarrassing secret to light. Instead of being defensive, admit where you went wrong. Offering a sincere apology is only the first step to regaining someone’s trust. You’ll have to back up your words with actions. Although you kept this information hidden to protect a person you love, this secret did more harm than good. Stop trying to shield a relative from some painful truths.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)

APRIL: The New Moon on the 5th creates tension on the home front. Everyone is resisting your authority. You won’t be able to rein in someone who is intent on going their own way. Instead of trying to shield this relative from trouble, let them go. Resist the temptation to come to their rescue. The only way your loved one will reform is if they are forced to accept the consequences of their actions. Are you dealing with someone who has a substance abuse problem? It’s time to issue an ultimatum. You can no longer maintain this relationship if they’re going to keep using. On the 19th, the Full Moon marks an important career milestone. You could be given a rise, promotion or both. Have you been unemployed? You might be offered a new role that offers a greater measure of independence. You’ll enjoy calling the shots for a change.

MAY: The New Moon on the 4th marks the beginning of an unorthodox relationship or creative project. This experience will cultivate powerful feelings that knock you for a loop. Falling head over heels in love will make your eyes sparkle. Building furniture, making jewellery or inventing recipes will put a spring in your step. Find a channel for all the love you have in your heart. The first half of May will make you feel like you’ve been reborn. On the 18th, the Full Moon will prompt you to break off a troubled alliance. A group you once loved has changed its tune. You no longer want to be part of its extremism. Walking away will be difficult. You’ll miss certain members who will be upset by your defection. Your first loyalty should be to yourself. There’s no point belonging to an organisation that doesn’t represent you in any way.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)

APRIL: On the 5th, the New Moon will create some tension in your personal life. Angry words will be exchanged on social media, making you defensive and angry. Someone who has been posing as your friend could be exposed as your enemy. It will be tempting to get revenge. Don’t let feelings of bitterness and betrayal consume you. It’s much wiser to pour your energy into people and relationships that support and sustain you. The Full Moon on the 19th might find you returning from a trip, collecting a diploma or publishing some written work. Don’t be surprised when your popularity soars as a result. Use your connections to realise a lifelong dream. You’re tired of letting negative people drag you down. Shake off the setbacks, set a lofty goal and do everything in your power to reach it. The final days of April will help you conquer some stubborn demons.

MAY: Exciting changes will happen in the domestic front on the 4th, thanks to a refreshing New Moon. Relocating to a beautiful part of the world is a distinct possibility. Your lifestyle will be dramatically improved by this shift. Not only will you be doing work you enjoy, but you’ll also have more time for your favourite hobbies. If you don’t move, you will welcome a new member to your household. A child, elderly relative or roommate will cultivate to a comfortable, cosy environment that turns your home into a haven from public life. Your career will reach a turning point on the 18th, due to a tense Full Moon. You might decide you can no longer meet the demands of an oppressive employer. Leaving your job is a distinct possibility. Your family may not support this decision. Turn a deaf ear to their complaints. Starting a business from your home will make you much happier.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)

APRIL: A moneymaking opportunity on the 5th has strings attached, due to the challenged New Moon. You might have to prove yourself to an unfriendly group that doesn’t want you to succeed. Instead of trying to live up to their expectations, it may be better to look for another job. You’re a highly creative person who can’t thrive in a forbidding atmosphere. Money from an investment, insurance refund or legal settlement will arrive on or around the 19th. That’s when the Full Moon strengthens your financial situation. Use this windfall to advance your career. Starting your own business is a distinct possibility. Alternatively, you may decide to work as a free agent. Being able to pick and choose your clients will be a much better arrangement than remaining tied to a single employer. The second half of April could bring the professional freedom you crave. Conventional arrangements don’t work for you; venture off the beaten path.

MAY: Someone will contact you out of the blue. They’ll have an exciting offer you can’t refuse. The New Moon on the 4th gives you a chance to share your creative abilities with the world. Publishing a book, becoming a featured contributor or recording some songs will make your spirits soar. Don’t let doubt and fear keep you from accepting this wonderful offer. On the 18th, the Full Moon will bring an end to a legal matter, business trip or a period of study and learning. You’ll be less than satisfied with the results. A difference of opinion will stop you from reaching a lofty goal. Good things will come out of this situation, but it will take some time before you can see these benefits. Don’t cry over spilled milk at the end of May. Instead of trying to control your situation, lean into it. Going with the flow is a lot less stressful than swimming against the tide.